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Send money in an instant – this is one of the promises that Sharemoney has taken on when it comes to its money remittance services from the United States to countries abroad, Guatemala included. This fulfillment made us one of the most reliable money transfer services available online today. We offer a range of convenient delivery options, the most popular of which is through bank deposit. One of the banks we have partnered with is Banrural in Guatemala.

About Banrural

This bank was established in 1998 and had gained recognition all over the country because of the hundreds of bank outlets it has been launching in all parts of Guatemala. It also has over a thousand ATMs nationwide and is now being served by over 9,500 employees and over 1,100 agents. To this day, it remains a popular bank of choice for many Guatemalan residents.

Bank swift code: BRRLGTGC

Sharemoney and Its Money Transfer Services to Guatemala

Sending money instantly through Sharemoney to Guatemala from the United States is easy. You can choose from a list of funding or payment options like your bank account, credit card or debit card. Your recipients, on the other hand, can receive the money either through bank deposits or through cash pickup.

How to Send Money from Sharemoney to a Banrural Account

If you want to enjoy Sharemoney’s money remittance services, you simply have to create a free account with us. You will be prompted to do so once you press the “Get Started” button (located at the upper right hand corner of the webpage). From the choices in the dropdown menu, you can choose to convert the USD amount to its equivalent in Guatemalan Quetzal. Sharemoney has always been maintaining competitive exchange rates, so you’ll get the most for your dollars.

Choosing Your Payment Option

You actually have three options; namely through your bank account, your credit card or debit card. For a first time user, using your bank account will take up to a three-day processing period since your account and funding source need to be verified before the transfer can take place. This is why the use of debit cards is recommended – it will be processed right away. In all cases, you will be charged a minimum fee of $3.99 per transaction. Take note though that if you use your credit card, an additional charge may be applied by your banking institution. This makes debit cards a great option considering that it charges you only $3.99 and is ideal if you want your loved one to receive the money fast.

Receiving the Bank Deposit with Banrural

Your recipient will be waiting for the money remittance you have made once you have opted to send cash to their Banrural bank account. Remember that you cannot keep your recipients guessing though as to whether the money is already in their bank accounts or not. This is why we recommend that you use the Money Transfer Number or MTN to track where your money is at the moment. You can give this same number to your recipient then tell them to track the remittance on the global Sharemoney website.

Are you ready to make a money transfer today to a Banrural bank account? Let’s get started!

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