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If there is one thing that Uruguayans can always be proud of, it is the fact that corruption is almost non-existent in this country. This attribute has paved the way to a better economy for the entire nation. This also makes its citizens highly regarded as great workers not only within Uruguay but in all other countries across the globe.

Uruguayans who have sought for better income opportunities abroad such in the United States of America have proven their worth not only as employees but also as loving and caring family members. If you are one of these individuals, we understand that you will want to find a better money remittance service to send money to your loved ones. When choosing to use our money transfer services, you will be able to experience a big difference when it comes to sending money online to Uruguay.

Sharemoney and Our Money Transfer Services to Uruguay

Sharemoney is established with the aim to make the lives of migrant workers in the US a whole lot easier. We do that by making sure you only pay a minimal amount for your transfers to Uruguay which starts at only $4.99. We do not have any additional charges beyond that, thus ensuring that your loved ones will receive the total amount you are sending in full and at a competitive exchange rate from the USD to the Uruguayan Peso.

At Sharemoney, we also make sure that when you have easy funding methods to facilitate your remittance to Uruguay. You can use your US bank account, debit card, or credit card to fund your transactions. Please feel free to check on our How It Works page to learn more about our services.

Our Convenient Cash Pickup Locations in Uruguay

You no longer have to worry about sending money to your recipients in Uruguay, even when they do not have bank accounts to receive your remittance. They don’t need to have a bank account because all they need to do is to visit our chosen cash pickup partner which is More Money Transfer S.A.

We have chosen More Money Transfer S.A. because it abides by the same commitment as we do when it comes to sending money to people you value the most. This money transfer company recognizes the fact that sending money is more than just sending the amount that your loved ones need. It is also about sending your love to your recipients. They also have many branches spread across Uruguay so this makes it very convenient for your recipient to pick up the funds you have sent.

Tracking the Money Transfer

In order to enhance your money transfer experience with us, we recommend that you take note of the Money Transfer Number (MTN) corresponding to your transaction so that you and your recipient can check at any time whether the money is still in transit or is already prepared for pickup. Your loved ones can use our global website when checking the status of the funds.

Ready to send money via the cash pickup method to Uruguay? Start your journey with us now!



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