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Sending money online from the United States to Puerto Limón does not have to be expensive and difficult. At Sharemoney, we are an online remittance platform that makes transferring money to the city fast, cheap, and easy. If you are working in the U.S. and need to send money to your loved ones in Puerto Limón, we are the solution you have been looking for.

About Puerto Limón

Limon stretches along the Caribbean Coast. It is a pristine and lush region of Costa Rica. With over 120 miles of shoreline between Panama and Nicaragua, Limon boasts picturesque white-sand beaches which makes for an ultimate tropical paradise. Puerto Limón is the cultural hub of Limon. As the capital city, it is home to a bustling port town. In Puerto Limón, most residents have Afro-Caribbean ancestry. The city has its fair share of attractions and museums for travelers to visit. Parque Vargas is one of the must-see attractions here. It is a beautiful park that’s filled with tropical palm trees.

Send Money from the United States to Puerto Limón

You can enjoy complete peace of mind that Sharemoney has partnered with established cash pickup providers in Costa Rica and in Puerto Limón. We are proud to present Teledolar S.A. It is a leading company in the country’s financial sector and has been in the business for nearly three decades. Since their founding, Teledolar S.A. continually strives to facilitate secure and agile local and international electronic services. The locations you can consider include:

  • Restaurante Montes De Oro: Limón, Contiguo A Radio Casino, Adentro Del Restaurante Montes De Oro
  • Cabinas los Almendros Limon: 25 Metros Oeste De La Delegación De Policías

The Perks of Using Sharemoney for Remittances to Puerto Limón

Before we get to the registration process, let’s talk about the rates we charge our customers. Don’t worry. It has always been cheap since day one. When it comes to sending money to Puerto Limón, our customers only pay a low rate starting at $3.99. No, Sharemoney does not charge your recipient when he or she collects the money you have sent them. What’s more, your transfers are not affected by exchange rates. Sharemoney lets you send USD to Puerto Limón.

Every detail counts. Since our inception, we strive to make our registration processes simple. All you need to do is to fill out a simple form and we will take a few days to verify it. As long as you give us your latest contact information, everything should proceed smoothly. If you need to make repeated transactions to the same recipient, you can make use of the QuickSend button. Just one click and you are done!

When you use Sharemoney, you do not have to call us to check where your money is. Simply use your Money Transfer Number (MTN) on our global website. You can track where the money is at the moment within seconds.

Get Started with Money Transfers to Puerto Limón

Need more information? We have got you covered. Simply head to our How It Works page. You will be able to browse through all the common questions and answers that are associated with sending money via our online platform.

Send Money to Puerto Limón

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