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Are you working in the United States and have loved ones living in Santo Domingo? In most cases, you might be looking for a cheap and fast way to send cash to your family members or friends. At Sharemoney, we can offer all the conveniences you may seek when it comes to sending quick cash to the city. As we are a trusted and reputable platform for such transactions, you can enjoy complete peace of mind at all times. Let’s find out more about and cash transfers to Santo Domingo!

About Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is the Dominican Republic’s capital. It is considered to be a pioneering, permanent city that was established by Europeans in the Western Hemisphere. A notable fact is that the city is also one of the earliest Roman Catholic archbishoprics situated in the Americas. The city is the financial, commercial, and industrial centre of the country. With the mass construction of hydroelectric dams, the city found a way to furnish its industries with affordable electrical power. The country’s major industries include food processing, textiles production, cement, plastics, petrochemicals, and the manufacture of refrigerators. They are all located in Santo Domingo and has made significant contributions to the city’s and country’s economy since the late 20th century.

How To Send Cash: Cash Pickup Locations in Santo Domingo

There is a wide variety of cash pickup locations to choose from in Santo Domingo, including:

  • Aprezio Engombe
  • Aprezio Las Palmas
  • Aprezio Los Guaricanos
  • Caribe Express – Plaza Lama Churchil
  • Caribex Farolito
  • Marginal Las Americas
  • Caribex Sirena Plaza Luperon
  • Ademi – Pedro Henriquez Urena
  • Adopem – Oficina Principal
  • Ademi – Pedro Livio Cedeno
  • Bhd – Arroyo Hondo
  • Bhd – Cesar Nicolas Penson
  • Bhd – E. Leon Jimenez (Margen Oriental)
  • … and more!

Why Use Sharemoney for Sending Cash to Santo Domingo?

If you are planning to send money to your loved ones in Santo Domingo, you may be pleased with the affordable rates we charge for each transfer. A cash transfer will only cost you a starting rate of $3.99. When your recipient is ready to collect the cash that you have sent, they are not required to pay any additional fees! What’s more, our company lets you send USD to Santo Domingo. Yes, the value of your transfers will not be affected by exchange rates.

With the assurance of speed, your recipient does not need to wait days or weeks to collect your money. In most cases, your transfers can be completed within a few minutes. If you have not used our platform before, you are only required to create a free account online with us. For future transfers, you can make use of the “QuickSend” button when you send money to the same recipients.

After completing the transaction, we will provide you with a Money Transfer Number (MTN). You and your recipient can head to our global website to check where the money is at the moment. As you can see, Sharemoney has got all the important areas covered.

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