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The Republic of the Philippines comprises more than 7,100 islands. Mindanao and Luzon are the country’s two largest islands. They make up for approximately two-thirds of the total land area. Filipinos are predominantly of Malay descent. The population is also composed of a mix of Chinese, American, and Spanish ancestry. Over the past decade, the Philippines has gradually emerged as one of the unexpected economic bright spots in Asia; its GDP grew by nearly 7%.

Approximately 11 per cent of the country’s population work abroad. That is over 11 million Filipinos. The country is a leading supplier of nurses. About 25% of the world’s nurses come from the country. If you are thinking of sending remittances to the Philippines, Sharemoney is the platform you can trust. With our expertise, you can send money online to Equitable Savings Bank with exceptional ease.

About Equitable Savings Bank

Equitable PCI Bank, Inc. was the third-largest bank in the Philippines. The bank was formed from the merger of the Philippine Commercial International Bank and the Equitable Banking Corporation. The bank was well-known for its diverse range of offerings, including savings, insurance services, and more. Equitable PCI Bank, Inc. eventually merged with Banco de Oro Universal Bank and is now branded as BDO. BDO Unibank, Inc. is based in Makati and is currently the largest bank in the Philippines. As a full-service universal bank, it caters to the banking needs of both retail and corporate clients. The bank specializes in remittances, corporate cash management, credit cards, trust and investments, etc.

Bank Swift Code: BNORPHMMXXX

How Sharemoney Can Help with Money Remittances to the Philippines

Since our inception, Sharemoney has built an extensive network of established banks in the Philippines. One of those banks that we trust is Equitable Savings Bank. When you choose to transfer money to your loved ones via our bank deposit method, you will be pleased to know that most of the deposits our clients make can be completed in 15 minutes or less. All you need is a stable Internet connection and a reliable device such as your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

First-Timer Tips for Initiating Money Remittance Transactions

If you are new to our platform, you need to register a free online account with us first. With this account, you can initiate money remittance transactions with ease. In addition, you can make use of our QuickSend function to facilitate repeated transactions. For example, your usual recipients may be your parents or siblings. This cuts down the initial time needed to send money online. During the registration process, make sure to provide us with up-to-date information. This way, your request to join our system will not bounce.

A Look at Sharemoney’s Funding Options

At Sharemoney, our main funding methods include debit card, direct bank transfer, and credit card. Direct bank transfers are easy, but you are subject to our usual verification process. If you choose to fund the transfer with your credit card, we need to charge a low transaction fee on top of the costs that come from your credit card company. Debit cards are the recommended option for most of our clients. It is more straightforward, convenient, and cheaper.

Send money remittance online to Equitable Savings Bank in the Philippines today and enjoy stellar USD to PHP exchanges rates on the market!


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