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send money to vietnam

Omnex Group has launched its online service Sharemoney with the option to send money to Vietnam! Now Le Goi Tien Le customers can send money to their families using the online service instead of going to a physical location to do it. Sharemoney offers the same low fees, security, and guarantee as Le Goi Tien Le. You can select to send the money to someone’s bank account, to a payout location, or request delivery to their home address. With the first two options, the money is delivered within minutes, while home delivery can take up to 2 days.

Sharemoney is partnered with some of the largest banks in Vietnam, such as ACB, Agribank, BIDV, DAB, Techcombank, Vietcombank, and Vietin Bank.

How to send money to Vietnam

  1. Go to Sharemoney
  2. Click on the drop-down menu where it says “Choose a country to send money to…”
  3. Select Vietnam
  4. Follow the 6 easy steps to complete your transaction
  5. You’re done! Check your email – we will send you your receipt instantly.
  6. Next time you need to send money to Vietnam, your transfer information will be saved in your account profile, making sending money home a quick and easy task. Just review and hit send.

Le Goi Tien Le

Sharemoney’s expertise in sending money to Vietnam comes from the experience of Le Goi Tien Le, an international money remittance company and a trademark of Omnex Group, Inc., that has been transferring money to Vietnam since 1999. Le has sponsored many a cultural event in Vietnam and was among the pioneers of money transfer companies who extended their services by offering gift sending in addition to money remittance. Find out more about Le Goi Tien Le Vietnam money transfers.

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