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Do you live in the USA and have loved ones back at home in Guatemala who you would like to send money to? Well, now that Sharemoney has expanded its services to Guatemala, sending money to your family and friends in Guatemala has become as easy as a few simple clicks!

About Guatemala

Guatemala is Central America country which borders Mexico and Belize among other Central American nations. A diverse country with a vibrant culture, Guatemala, like its other neighbors, has a significant immigrant populationin the United States.

Although Guatemala’s economy is the largest in Central America, the country continues to struggle with issues such as poverty and low literacy rates. These conditions, along with the Guatemalan Civil War that ended in 1997, meant that many Guatemalans chose to leave their country in order to seek a better life overseas.

While majority of the Guatemalan diaspora has settled in the United States, many Guatemalans have also made their way to neighboring countries on the American Continents.

Sending money to Guatemala

Numerous major banks in Guatemala have partnered with us to provide hassle-free service to our customers. With Sharemoney, you will be able to transfer directly to bank accounts and thousands of cash pickup locations, and your loved ones will receive money in no time.

For a small fee of $3.99, you will now be able to send money back home to Guatemala! We offer 2 convenient methods of delivery: bank deposit or cash pickup.

Bank deposits and cash pickups ensure that the recipient receives the money in mere minutes.  All our delivery methods are secure, and you need not worry about cash loss or misappropriation. We work with an extensive network of banks in Guatemala ensuring convenient delivery for your recipient. Our partner banks include Banrural, G&T Continental, and Banco Industrial. Our cash pickup network also includes Mi Coope, Citi Remesas, and Banco Azteca locations.

Compared to other remittance services, we provide a relatively painless and fast way to transfer money back to Guatemala. We understand your concerns so here’s a quick look at how to send money with Sharemoney.

  1. Start by visiting Sharemoney
  2. Log in to your account or sign up for a free account
  3. Select Guatemala
  4. Follow the 6 guided steps to complete the transaction
  5. You are done!

You will immediately receive a receipt in your email once you have completed the transaction. We will help you save your transfer and recipient information in your account profile. When you need to send money to Guatemala again, all you have to do is review and click “send!”

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