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send money dominican republicNow you can use Sharemoney to send money to the Dominican Republic online! Uno customers can now complete their transactions without leaving their house for as little as $4.99. Sending money to the Dominican Republic has never been easier.

You will have three delivery options when sending money to the Dominican Republic. You can send it straight to someone’s bank account, to a convenient cash payout location, or delivered to a home address. Most transfers are instant, while the home delivery can take up to 2 hours.

Sharemoney has partnered with some of the largest banks in the Dominican Republic to ensure fast and reliable money transfers, such as Banco BHD, Scotiabank, Banco Popular, and many more. For home deliveries, we partnered with Caribe Express to ensure fast and secure shipping of your cash.

How to send money to the Dominican Republic

  1. Go to Sharemoney
  2. Click on the drop-down menu where it says “Choose a country to send money to…”
  3. Select Dominican Republic
  4. Follow the 6 easy steps to complete your transaction
  5. You’re done! Check your email – we will send you your receipt instantly.
  6. Next time you need to send money to the Dominican Republic, your transfer information will be saved in your account profile, making sending money home a quick and easy task. Just review and hit send.

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