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One of the prices you have to pay when working abroad is missing your loved ones back home. If you hail from Colombia and you are working in the United States, you might have been searching for a convenient way to send money back home to provide for your loved ones.

Today, there are a few services that allow you to transfer money online to Colombia. Among all the money transfer websites you can make use of, you will never go wrong with Sharemoney. It is because we make sure that you can enjoy competitive currency exchange rates, low transfer fees, fast delivery time, and no hidden costs ever! Learn how you can send money to your loved ones via Bancolombia, one of our partner banks in Colombia.

About Bancolombia

Bancolombia is regarded as the largest commercial bank in Colombia. Founded in 1945, the bank is located in Medellin, one of the country’s largest cities. Being the top commercial bank in the country, expect it to offer nothing but the best in terms of financial services. Among their services include financial and operating leases, comprehensive cash management, mortgage banking and savings and investment. It has established strong relationships not only with individual clients but also with large companies as well. To date, it has 921 offices under its name.

Bank Swift Code: COLOCOBM

Choosing Bancolombia for Your Money Remittances

Being the largest commercial bank in Colombia, Bancolombia is worth including in our list of partner banks. If your loved one has a bank account with this bank, you can easily facilitate a fund transfer. You simply need to create a free account with Sharemoney. Once your information has been verified, you can begin sending money to your friends and family members in Colombia.

Sending Money to Your Loved Ones in Colombia via Sharemoney

Sharemoney recognizes the fact that it can be difficult to send money to people in Colombia. You no longer have to worry about this because we have made things a whole lot easier for you. Just by choosing from our various delivery methods, and you can now send money to your loved ones in Colombia fast. You only need to pay fees starting from $3.99 and your money is good to go – whoever you want to share it with. We offer the best USD to Colombian Peso exchange rates so there’s no reason why you should go elsewhere!

Funding Your Transactions

You have three funding choices: through your own bank account, through your credit card or through your debit card. Choosing your bank account to transfer funds will require verification, if it is your first time. Usually, it will take up to three days to have your account verified. However, if you have a credit card, the transfer can be faster. Take note though that an additional cost (since it’s like a cash advance) will be charged by your credit card issuer. For this reason, we recommend that you make use of your debit card instead, as this is the best way to fund your transfers.

Today, sending money to your loved ones in Colombia through Bancolombia is really easy. With Sharemoney by your side, sending a money remittance takes just a few clicks to complete. Are you ready to get started? Click here!

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