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You are currently based in the United States and need to send part of your income to your loved ones in the Dominican Republic every month. However, you have not found a suitable money remittance platform that is suitable for your needs. Look no further than Sharemoney! Our platform makes it easy for your loved ones back home to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

You will be able to access our website via your computer, tablet, or smartphone to transfer money to your family members abroad from the US. What’s more, we charge a minimal fee that can be paid with your debit or credit card. But wait, your loved ones do not travel from their homes often? Don’t fret as we’ve got your back.

Sharemoney Can Help You Send Money to the Doorsteps in the Dominican Republic

We have an extensive network in the Dominican Republic and that’s why we are able to send your money remittance right to the doorsteps of your recipient’s home via our Door to Door Delivery solutions. When you choose this delivery method, the intended recipient of your transfers never has to leave home! Yes, this option is available for many home addresses in the Dominican Republic.  Your loved ones will be able to enjoy swift delivery to major cities in the Dominican Republic.

Why Choose Sharemoney?

Here is a quick look at why Sharemoney is different from its competitors in the money remittance business:

Send Money for Less

We offer one of the cheapest fees in the world of money transfers. Most of our rates start at only $2.99!

Winning Exchange Rate

Your family members and loved ones will be able to receive your hard-earned cash at a very competitive exchange rate.

A Range of Delivery Options

Although you can make bank deposits or arrange for the money to be collected at a cash pickup location, still nothing compares to the convenience of receiving one’s remittance at his or her doorstep.

Sending Money within Minutes

We continually strive to offer our clients quick turnarounds when sending money to the Dominican Republic. Simply initiate a money remittance transaction by clicking on our ‘Send Now’ button and fill out a simple form. If you wish to avoid filling out forms, registering a free account with us will solve the problem.

Recipients Can Use the MTN to Track Funds

To provide complete peace of mind for both our clients and their intended recipients, a Money Transfer Number or MTN is tagged to each of your transactions. You can use this number to track your money. Your recipient can key in the same number using our global website and check the money transfer status.

Try out our home delivery method in the Dominican Republic, for your money remittance needs today!

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