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Also known as the Giant of Africa, Nigeria has a large population and a prospering economy. In 2015, it was the 20th largest economy in the world. A significant portion of its economic growth came from the overall wealth accumulated by Nigerians who were working abroad.

It is a common practice for Nigerians who work abroad, particularly in the United States, to send money remittances back home to their loved ones. Today, sending remittances to Nigeria is extremely easy because you can do it through various online platforms. At Sharemoney, we provide stellar services that make all the processes in this area more convenient. If you are planning to send money remittance online to Fidelity Bank in Nigeria, here are some pointers to look out for:

About Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank was founded in 1988 and was initially known as Fidelity Union Merchant Bank Limited. Since its inception, Fidelity Bank has established a reputation of being the fastest growing merchant bank in Nigeria. It has the license to offer the entire spectrum of investment, corporate, consumer, and commercial banking services. As one of the top 10 banks in the Nigerian banking industry, you can be sure that Fidelity Bank has presence in the major commercial centers and cities of the country. What’s more, the bank enjoys the partnership and respect of a network of off-shore institutions, including US Ex-im Bank, N.A. London and New York, USAID, and more.

Bank Swift Code: FIDTNGLA

How Sharemoney Can Help with Money Remittances to Nigeria

Sharemoney has built an extensive network of Nigerian banks, which includes Fidelity Bank. You can use our services to send money to your loved ones in the country with exceptional ease. With that in mind, bank deposits are currently the only delivery method we have to the said country. The good thing is that there is no shortage of banks to choose from, which is extremely convenient for you and your recipients.

How to Initiate the Money Remittance Transaction

The first step of initiating a money remittance transaction involves registering an account with us. An account allows you to transfer money online to any banks Sharemoney has partnered with. The online registration process is extremely easy and will not take up too much of your time. Kindly ensure that you fill up the form with the correct information as we will use them to verify your identity and facilitate your present and future transactions. If this is your first time using Sharemoney, do remember that the verification process will require several days to complete. Fret not, future transactions will take a shorter time to complete.

Which Funding Option Should You Use?

At Sharemoney, we offer several funding options for your online money remittance transactions. If you are looking for the most convenient one, it is paying through your debit card. It is cheaper, convenient, and straightforward. The next method you can consider is paying through your bank account. If you choose to fund the transfer with it, you will need to go through the usual verification process. The third option you may consider is using your credit card. If you are going ahead with the third option, remember that we will need to impose a low transaction fee. In addition, your credit card company will also charge you a fee that corresponds to your transaction.

Send money remittance online to Fidelity Bank in Nigeria today and enjoy excellent USD to Naira exchange rates on the market!

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