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Mexico is regarded as the most populous among all Spanish-speaking countries all over the world. In Latin America, it ranks as the second most populous country. Through the years, the country has established itself among the ranks of countries that belong to the upper middle-income economies. Economic disparities, however, were obvious between those who belong to the upper and lower class. This resulted to the urge to pursue careers other than those offered in the country.

Things can be a struggle at first for Mexican expats who decide to earn a living in the United States. Aside from battling homesickness, there is much question on how to reach back to their loved ones back home. If you are one of those individuals having this concern, you might have thought of sending money remittances to them. Good thing, there is Sharemoney to help you facilitate money transfers to Mexico!

Sharemoney and How We Help You Send Money to Your Loved Ones in Mexico

Sharemoney offers money transfer services online. We endeavor to provide you with the most affordable option to lessen the burden of sending money to your loved ones back home in Mexico. We assure you that with a fee that starts from only $3.99, your recipients will be able to get the amount you sent them in full, no other charges deducted. We offer competitive USD to MXN (Mexican Peso) exchange rates, in fact, higher than what other online money transfer service providers normally offer.

Cash Pickup Options in Mexico

When facilitating money transfers to Mexico, we offer you two delivery methods. The first one is through bank deposit which requires a corresponding bank account to process the transaction. For those who do not have bank accounts, using one of our cash pickup locations in Mexico will be most convenient.

Choosing BanCoppel as One of Our Cash Pickup Partners

One of the things we consider when choosing our cash pickup partners is the number of locations within which it can reach. BanCoppel qualified as a choice because it has over 760 pickup locations in Mexico alone. This simply means that your recipients no longer need to worry choosing where to get their remittance from no matter which part of Mexico they live. With this in mind, they surely avoid the hassles of queuing and searching where they should head to, once you have informed them that you have sent them the money they need.

Add to this fact, we can vouch for BanCoppel’s security measures before disbursing the money you sent to your recipients. We can assure you that they double check the identity of recipients when claiming remittances thus assuring that your money gets into the hands of its rightful owner.

Sending Money Remittance to Mexico

Don’t forget to register a free account with us. This will help facilitate your transactions now and in the future. You must also be ready with your funding options. You can choose to use either your bank account or your debit card or credit card. You need all these requirements for easier facilitation of your money remittances.

Make sure you fill up the online form with the pertinent information that we need. We need all these details to verify your account and to help you experience the convenience we promise when it comes to remitting money to your loved ones in Mexico.

Send Money to Mexico Now with BanCoppel!

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