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Bordered by Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia, Paraguay is one country where its visitors will be amazed by the natural attractions that Mother Nature has bestowed upon them. On the economic scale, Paraguay is also noted to have a very low inflation rate. However, despite its growing business sectors, it cannot be denied that about 50% of its population lives below the poverty line.

Due to the financial situations, many Paraguayans head abroad to improve their lives and those of their loved ones. One of the favorite countries that many Paraguayans have headed to is the United States. We understand this fact well and that’s why Sharemoney makes it easy for you to send money remittance to Paraguay while keeping the cost low.

How to Send Money to Your Loved Ones in Paraguay via Sharemoney

Sharemoney is regarded as a reliable online money transfer service provider in the United States because of the fact that we have partnered with a long list of banks, cash pickup location partners and money delivery services in many countries worldwide. One of the most recent additions in our list of countries we service is Paraguay.

How do you use our services to send money to your loved ones in this country? Well, you should first create an account with us. This is a very simple process which requires providing your personal and account information. We will only use these pieces of information confidentially to process your transaction. When we have everything verified, sending money to your loved ones in Paraguay will be very fast and easy.

Using More Money Transfer S.A. to Facilitate the Money Remittance

Sharemoney has chosen to partner with a strong remittance provider, More Money Transfer S.A. who can help your loved ones with their cash pickup needs. You can now help to make sure that your recipients can receive the money when they need them the most, especially during emergencies. With the many branches that More Money Transfer has in Paraguay, you can be sure that your beneficiary can claim your remittance in a location very near him or her.

Sharemoney and More Money Transfer S.A. share the same commitment when it comes to facilitating money remittances. We both believe that remittances are not just about the money but also letting your loved ones know how much you miss them and how much you want to provide for them. As one of More Money Transfer’s mottos states “You send more than money…  you send emotions.” They live up to that commitment, and we certainly know we have chosen a great partner in them.

Choose to send your remittances through us and we will make sure that your loved ones will get the amount fast. With a starting fee of only $4.99 per transaction and a competitive exchange rate, Sharemoney guarantees that we are a cheap way for you to send money remittance to Paraguay today!


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