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Nigeria has a relatively large economy and is also an emerging market. While economic sectors regarding entertainment, technology, communications, services, financial, and manufacturing are expanding, many Nigerians still choose to find work abroad and seek better career opportunities.

If you are a Nigerian and you are currently working in the United States, you may already have tried remitting money to your loved ones in Nigeria. When you use Sharemoney to transfer money online through Wema Bank, you will find the process extremely quick and easy.

About Wema Bank

Founded in 1945, Wema Bank Plc is the longest surviving bank in Nigeria. Since the bank’s inception, they have been offering a fully-fledged range of value-adding financial advisory and banking services to the Nigerian public, including trade services, treasury, corporate banking, retail and SME banking, and more. Wema Bank values responsiveness and that’s why they constantly develop an intimate relationship with their clients. Their unique approach is pivoted on efficiency, innovation, service, and mutual respect.

Bank Swift Code: WEMANGLA

Sending Money to Nigeria via Sharemoney

Sharemoney makes it easy for all our clients to send money to their loved ones in Nigeria. That’s why you have the option to choose from the various banks we have been working with for many years, including Wema Bank. If your loved ones have already opened an account with any of the banks we work with, this is a great remittance option for you.

How to Start a Transfer

Before you can start sending money to Nigeria, don’t forget to create your account with us. This is an essential step to complete so that repeated or new future transactions with us can be completed with exceptional ease. With that in mind, it is imperative that you key-in the correct information in our online application form. If this is your first time transferring money to Nigeria, you can expect the remittance process to be completed within three days’ time. You can rest assured that once your account has been verified, your future money transfers will run smoothly.

You Can Fund your Money Transfers in Three Easy Ways

You can fund your online money transfer to a loved one’s bank account with Wema Bank via one of the following options:

  • Debit Card: This is an ideal method you can use to fund your money transaction. Our clients can usually send money within minutes! If you use your debit card, you can avoid unnecessary fees from a credit card issuer and even save on verification time.
  • Credit Card: If using a credit card is easier for you, do note that credit card companies tend to bill card holders with an additional fee that corresponds to the transfer.
  • Bank Deposit: This option usually needs you to verify your account information. Once verified, you will be able to send money within 24 hours (exact duration depends on the time of the day with which you sent it)

Now’s the perfect time to experience how convenient it is to send money to your loved ones in Nigeria by utilizing Sharemoney. After making the transfer, remember to give your loved ones the Money Transfer Number (MTN) for tracking purposes at our global website.

Send Money Online to Nigeria via Wema Bank Now!

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