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Many say Senegal has it all. They aren’t exaggerating because Senegal is one of the most beautiful countries of the West African coast. Its dazzling and relatively unspoilt beaches as well as exceptional weather attracts many tourists each year. Also known as the vibrant pulse of West Africa, the Republic of Senegal has a population of over 13 million and its main economic industries include textiles, mining, cement, food processing, tourism and more.

While the country is doing great in those areas, it still faces an array of challenges that are commonplace on the African continent. For example, the extreme weather here can cause crop failures. Due to situations like these, many Senegaleses decided to head abroad to improve their lives and in turn improve the livelihoods of their loved ones in Senegal. At Sharemoney, we understand this fact well and that’s why we continually strive to make it easy for you to send money remittance to Senegal from the United States while keeping the cost low.

How to Send Money to Senegal via Sharemoney

If you are currently working abroad, in the United States, and need to send money back to your loved ones in Senegal, you can rest assured that Sharemoney is a reliable online money transfer service provider. Since our inception, we have built an extensive network of money delivery services, cash pickup location partners and banks in many countries worldwide. We have been servicing Senegal for many years and one of our remittance providers here includes La Poste.

When it comes to sending money to your loved ones in Senegal, the process is very easy. The first step is to create an account with us; simply complete the online application form with the correct personal information. You can rest assured that we use your personal details confidentially to process your transactions. By sticking with a verified account, sending money to your loved ones in Senegal will be very fast and hassle-free.

Using La Poste to Facilitate the Money Remittance

When it comes to facilitating money remittances, Sharemoney and La Poste share the same commitment. We strongly believe that remittances is a good way to show your loved ones how much you want to provide for them and how much you miss them – it’s not just about the money.

With a strong remittance provider and partner like La Poste, Sharemoney is delighted to inform you that your recipients can receive the money when and where they need them in a convenient manner. La Poste operates a great array of branches in Senegal and that’s why you can be sure that your loved one can claim your remittance in a location that is very near to him or her.

Start choosing to send your remittances through Sharemoney now and we will make sure that your loved ones will get the amount you sent them fast. What’s more, we only charge a minimum fee of only $4.99 per transaction as well as competitive US Dollar to West African CFA Franc exchange rates. We are one of the cheapest ways for you to send money online to Senegal so experience the Sharemoney difference today!

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