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Chile is considered as one of the most prosperous and stable nations in the whole of Latin America. Its economy continued to prosper through the years, giving its citizens a wide range of opportunities to better their lives. It has also opened doors for its people to work in other foreign countries and develop the country even further.

Migrant workers from Chile who are working in the United States are often familiar with the routine of sending money to their loved ones back home by using online money transfer services. The question however is which service provider they should use to guarantee a cheap and fast money remittance service. When using Sharemoney, you will definitely enjoy a stellar experience for money remittance to Chile. You can use AFEX LTDA, our chosen Chile’s cash pickup delivery partner, to facilitate your money transfer.


With its headquarters located in Los Condes Santiago, AFEX LTDA is a privately-held company offering financial services in Chile. Apart from selling currencies and providing a venue for making bill payments, it can also be used for international money transfers. They also have many branches spread across the country. This is the main reason behind why we have partnered with this brand so you can have an easier time sending your hard-earned money to your loved ones in Chile.

About Sharemoney

Sharemoney is an online money transfer service provider based in the US who aims to make your lives as migrant workers a whole lot easier. We promise that you no longer have to leave the comforts of your home or your workplace just to be able to send the money that your loved ones need. Just by accessing our website from your computer, you are able to enjoy cheap transaction fees and excellent currency exchange rates while sending money remittance to Chile.

Registering an Account with Us

To start enjoying our online money transfer services, you have to register an account with us. You can use the same account to log into our portal in the future and make money transfers whenever you need to. In our account registration page, you will find an easy form where you are expected to fill up. We keep your records confidential thus you do not have to worry about privacy when you use our services.

Funding your Transaction

In order to enjoy our services, you need to have a means to fund your money transfer transaction. Basically, you can use: your bank account, your credit card or your debit card. You have to take note that among all these options, using your debit card is highly recommended as it requires the least verification time as compared to when you use your bank account for funding. Also, using your debit card means that you will only pay a transfer fee starting from $4.99 and nothing more. When you use your credit card, there will be an additional charge from your credit card company as it is considered a cash advance transaction.

Once you have followed the tips we have stated herein, you are ready to send money to your loved ones in Chile via AFEX LTDA. After you have made your transaction, you can also give your recipient the corresponding Money Transfer Number or MTN so they can check where the money is using our global website.

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