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The Dominican Republic’s economy is dependent upon three sectors, namely tourism, manufacturing and construction throughout the years. Recently, however, it found more economic potential in foreign job creation and overseas remittances. The latter is all thanks to citizens who are working in other countries and have continuously used various channels to send money to their loved ones in the country.

For those of you who are working in the US and want to send money remittances to your loved ones in the Dominican Republic, there are a lot of choices. Sending money online is popular due to the fact that you can administer the transfer 24/7. Have you tried our services here at Sharemoney? If not, it is about time to find out how you can use our online platform to send money to Banco Caribe in the Dominican Republic.

About Banco Caribe

Banco Caribe is one of the newest banks in the Dominican Republic. With over 12 years of existence having been established in 2004, it has over 50 branches to its name. It has focused its endeavors to offer various products and services to corporate and personal bankers. It is currently offering savings, loans and investments, checking, insurance and credit card products to its clients.

Bank Swift Code: STGODOSD

Sending Money Online through Sharemoney

In order to make transferring money online a more convenient option, Sharemoney has been created. Back then, we were serving only a few countries. To date, however, we are serving over 20 countries worldwide, including the Dominican Republic. We have three delivery methods to the Dominican Republic which you can make use of with your money remittance. These are through bank deposits like those you will make to Banco Caribe, cash pickup or through door-to-door delivery.

How to Send Money Online to Banco Caribe

Banco Caribe is just one of the many banks Sharemoney has partnered with in the Dominican Republic. Just the same, however, no matter which bank you choose to course your transfer through, all you need to do is to register a free account with us. You simply start by visiting our “Send Money to Dominican Republic” page. From there, you will be asked to sign up by filling in our online form. Once you are finished with the entire process, we will start verifying your account.

How to Fund Your Transfers

You also have the choice to use two funding methods to facilitate the transfer – debit card and credit card. Among these choices, we recommend you make use of your debit card if you have one to avoid further hassles especially during emergencies. Funding through a debit card will guarantee no extra cost on your part except for the standard fee of $3.99 we will be charging.

The last resort is your credit card. Be ready to pay additional charges to your credit card company which will be billed to you like it would if you have made a cash advance.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy Sharemoney’s services and send money online to Banco Caribe in the Dominican Republic today!

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