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We designed Sharemoney in a way that it is really simple and easy to send money abroad at hghly affordable rates. This is especially convenient for people who are living abroad away from their family and want to send money back home. It’s also for people who need support from their family to fund their travels and it’s for anyone else who needs to send cash regularly for whatever reason.

Here, we will look at how you can send money through Sharemoney and we’ll explain why it’s an ideal choice when you need to make international transfers to Brazil, Guatemala, The Dominican Republic, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Why You Should Send Money Internationally with Sharemoney

We know how hard it is to be away from your family and that’s even more pertinent when they are struggling with financial issues to boot. You already have enough on your plate trying to fit in and get by in a foreign country. You shouldn’t have to worry about cheap remittance or whether your family has received your payment.

Here are some great reasons to use Sharemoney:

  • It’s quick – Depending on the type of payment you choose, you can send money in as little as 2 minutes! It will never take more than 48 hours.
  • It’s easy – We have worked hard to keep everything simple and straightforward at Sharemoney. That’s why you’ll find the site intuitive to use and why you won’t struggle to figure out how to get your funds to where they need to be.
  • QuickSend option – Making life even easier is our ‘QuickSend’ option. This is a feature that lets you store the details of the recipients you deal with regularly. That way, you can send cash with a single click and have it there in two minutes.
  • Low exchange rates – Sharemoney offers excellent exchange rates that beat the competition.
  • Low fees – On top of this, our fees are also very low compared to other money sending sites.
  • No fee for recipients – Meanwhile, your recipient won’t pay a dime!
  • Track payments – If you are expecting a payment, you can easily track it and see its status using the MTN so you’re never left worrying about your money in cyberspace.

How to Use Sharemoney

Using Sharemoney is very simple. First, just head over to the website at, then change the site to the language you need. To do this, just look for the dropdown menu on the right, then select the language that you require.

With the site now in the correct language, you should find it’s a relatively simple matter to work through. Just sign up and create an account, add your details, then verify your phone number and email. From there, you will then be able to easily start sending cash through the site. There are several delivery options, so you can choose precisely how you want the money to be sent.

Sharemoney is fast, secure and affordable. We believe it’s an excellent option for sending money remittance from the US back home. We hope you agree!

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