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Sharemoney makes sending money to other parts of the world a whole lot easier. It has created a platform that will bridge the gap between people sending remittances from the US to other parts of the world like the Philippines, Vietnam, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Guatemala while other Spanish-speaking countries will soon be added too. Learn how you can utilize our website to send money in Spanish to your relatives in these aforementioned locations.

Start by Changing the Site’s Language to Español

Sharemoney’s default language is English (EN) primarily because it caters to the needs of those in the United States wanting to send money to countries that are listed on our webpage. You can change this language by looking for the dropdown menu found on the upper right corner of the webpage then locate the Spanish language from the choices. Click that part and the entire page will be translated to Español. Your recipient can also do the same if they use the website.

When Can You Start Enjoying Sharemoney?

You can start enjoying Sharemoney’s services once you have created your own account with us. You will need to verify your account details like your phone number and email address.

Why Choose Sharemoney for Sending Money?

Apart from the fact that Sharemoney allows you to translate the website to Español, there are many reasons by which you should choose us for sending money back home. For one, we offer low rates that start from $2.99. You can also rely on our competitive exchange rates which will help you save money on all your transactions. Additionally, your recipient does not need to pay any fee before he can claim the transfer.

Also, Sharemoney makes sending money to your recipient the next time a whole lot easier too. Make sure you have created your own account on our site and once you have to make a money remittance, you simply have to log in to your account and then click on the QuickSend button. The website saves the transaction information you have keyed in from the very first time you use our services so you will be able to enjoy the convenience of our services in the future.

How to Send Money with Sharemoney

Sending money is made simple by the different tabs and features in our website. Once the page is translated to Español, you can proceed to the choices you have depending on the country with which you will be sending money to. Sending money might take up to 48 hours in certain situations but can take as fast as 2 minutes only. This will totally depend upon the method you will use, whether it is bank deposit, delivery or cash pickup.

How Your Recipient can Track the Money You Have Sent

Your recipient can simply take advantage of the Money Tracker on our global site. Simply enter the Money Transfer Number (MTN) which you have shared with your recipient in the tracker and the status will be available instantly with one click.

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