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There can be several barriers when it comes to sending money from the US to Brazil. One is the fact that you may have to browse through several platforms before finding a reputable one. Add to that the amount of fees that come with the transaction. Do not forget that there are providers that do not meet customer expectations especially when it comes to your delivery choices and how fast the money can reach your recipient. With those common issues in mind, we created Sharemoney to solve them! We guarantee that sending money to Brazil through Sharemoney will be simpler than you have ever imagined.

Using Portuguese as the Site’s Language

As a customer, you will definitely want a site that values your cultural heritage and speaks the language that you are used to speaking. This is why Sharemoney has included an option for you to change the site’s language to Portuguese. Browsing through the homepage, you will see this option at the upper right hand corner of the site. But of course, by all means, you can stick to the site’s default language, that is, English when making your money transfer transactions.

Sending and Receiving Money with Sharemoney

Sharemoney makes sending and receiving money a whole lot easier for you and your loved ones in Brazil. Consider your recipient’s bank when sending money to Brazil and it will take between 15 minutes to two days for your recipient to enjoy the money. You can use the Money Transfer Number (MTN) to track your remittance and send the same number to your recipient as well so they can check the money themselves using Sharemoney’s global site. Tracking the money transfer only takes a few seconds especially since your recipient does not need to create an account with us to be able to enjoy this feature.

Signing up for an Account with Sharemoney

As the sender, you will be asked to create an account with us for you to enjoy the features in our website. It will take only a few minutes to accomplish and it’s absolutely free. We will get back to you for your accounts verification. Once your email address and phone number have been verified, you can start sending money to Brazil.

Utilize the QuickSend Option

The QuickSend option is one thing to look forward to if you opt to send money to Brazil. With this feature, you will be able to send the money quickly to the same recipient in the future, without having to fill out the same information over and over. This is where the convenience of signing up an account with us comes in.

Your Delivery Options

One great thing that makes Sharemoney the ultimate money transfer service is the fact that it offers various bank deposit options to Brazil. We have partnered with some of the largest banks in the country like Banco Bradesco, Banco Cooperativo do Brasil, Banco Mercantil do Brasil, Banco Santander and Caixa Economica Federal among others.

Start sending money to Brazil in Portuguese with a minimum fee starting from $3.99. You can also browse through our FAQ page for more information about sending money to Brazil.

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