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Remesas Dominicanas, founded in the Dominican Republic in 1984, is considered one of the most established companies in the country when it comes to receiving money remittances from many parts of the world. Today, it has branched out into over 150 networks in the Dominican Republic alone and has formed partnerships with some of the nation’s top banks including BHD Bank and Banco ADEMI among others. With its continued commitment to help making money transfers a whole lot easier, Remesas Dominicanas have helped to connect more people all over the globe.

You will be able to choose Remesas Dominicanas as your cash pickup delivery method for the Dominican Republic when making money transfers through Sharemoney. This is a very convenient choice since your loved ones back home can now choose to pick up the money in any location operating under Remesas Dominicanas.

Remesas Dominicanas as a Cash Pickup Option for Sharemoney Remittances

As mentioned, Remesas Dominicanas has an extensive network when it comes to providing cash pickup options to your loved ones in the Dominican Republic. We want to offer great convenience to you and your recipient and that is why we have partnered this well-known brand for Sharemoney transfers to the Dominican Republic.

How to Start Sending Money with Remesas Dominicanas via Sharemoney

If you want to choose Remesas Dominicanas as a cash pickup option for your loved ones in the Dominican Republic, all you have to do is visit the Sharemoney website. Once there, you can start creating an account with us. Take note: this is free-of-charge. You need to fill up the account information form before we verify your account information. For those who have already created an account with us, you can use your existing account to make the transfer and choose Remesas Dominicanas as the cash pickup option.

What to Expect When Using Our Services

When using our cash pickup services, expect that you will pay a minimum amount of $3.99 – 4.99 for transactions costing up to $2,999. This is the only fee you are going to pay and we can assure you that the amount you have sent to your loved ones will be the same amount they can pick up from a certified Remesas Dominicanas network in the Dominican Republic.

When you have made the corresponding money transfer through our services, you can notify your loved ones regarding the remittance that you have made. Inform them that you have chosen Remesas Dominicanas as the cash pickup option. They can visit any of the 150 accredited partners of this money exchange company in the Dominican Republic and claim their remittance.

For their utmost convenience, it will help if you send them the corresponding Money Transfer Number (MTN). They can use this to track the transfer’s whereabouts through our global website. You can also use this number to track the transfer yourself too.

Try Our Services Today!

Our services offer fast facilitation of your transactions, aside from the fact that we are one of the safest ways you can use when sending money to your loved ones in the Dominican Republic. Talk to us today if you want to find out more about our services via Remesas Dominicanas!

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