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When it comes to making a remittance to San Salvador from the United States, our customers can enjoy cheap transfer rates and fast service. Imagine how nightmarish it would be for your loved ones to have to wait for weeks to receive a sum of money that they need urgently to pay off bills etc. These are things that you and your recipients do not have to worry about when you work with us for money remittance.

About San Salvador

San Salvador is El Salvador’s capital and a modern city that is filled with wide boulevards, outdoor markets, historic monuments, high-rises, cultural institutions, an exuberant nightlife, and more. It is also the main financial, educational, cultural, and political hub of the country. Compared to other urban centers in Central America, it is one of the largest of its kind. Because it is a beta-type global city, the capital is being regarded as a vital financial hub within Central America.

It is home to several governmental institutions such as the Concejo de Ministros de El Salvador, Corte Suprema de Justicia, and more. Although San Salvador has a diverse economy comprising of private educational services, business headquartering, banking, and industrial manufacturing, many Salvadoran‎s choose to pursue their career abroad, in countries such as the United States.

What Makes Sharemoney an Affordable and Fast Option?

  • Get status updates at any time: Yes, we will give you a Money Transfer Number (MTN) that can be used to monitor where the money is at the moment. If you or your recipient is doing the tracking, simply head over to Sharemoney’s global website. There is a is a field on the page that allows you to enter the MTN. It is that easy!
  • Convenience of initiating a transfer: Do you have a recipient that you will make repeated transfer to in San Salvador? It is recommended that you create a free account online so that you can make use of our site’s “QuickSend” button. This means that you can avoid having to fill up forms every time you need to facilitate a transaction.
  • Cheap rates: Our customers are only required to pay a low money transfer that starts at $4.99. In addition, we let you send US Dollars to El Salvador! Some providers charge a separate fee when it is ready for collection. You can rest assured that this is not something that we practice.

How to Quickly Make Money Remittance via Sharemoney

We currently offer two methods and they are fast. The first option you may consider is bank deposit. This refers to sending money directly to the bank account of your loved ones. The next option to consider is sending money to one of the cash pickup providers Sharemoney is working with. They include Remesas Y Traslados S.A., Fedecredito, and Elektra – Banco Azteca.

If you want to learn more about our procedures so that you can use Sharemoney’s services to the fullest, do not hesitate to check out our “How It Works” page.


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