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If you have family or friends living in the Dominican Republic, and you are living and working in the United States now, you might find yourself wanting to send money back home so as to help support your loved ones or to pay for things while you’re away. It can be useful to send money abroad quickly… but it’s not always that easy.

Sending cash to the Dominican Republic from the US can be expensive and can be slow. It can also be very difficult if your family back home don’t have online banking, if they don’t live near a bank branch, or if their bank charges a lot of money for the remittance. If only you could just send cash through the postal service and trust it not to go missing…

Well, that latter scenario may not be an option, but with Sharemoney, you have an option that is almost just as flexible, simple and convenient. And much faster, too.

Sharemoney for Sending Cash to the Dominican Republic

We created Sharemoney with the intention of making life easier and simpler for expats living in the US. In particular, we wanted to create a method for sending money back home that would be just as convenient as sending a wad of cash. And that’s where our ‘cash pickup’ option comes in.

Basically, when you send to a cash pickup location, you enter your money transfer details and click ‘send money’ as you normally would with any wire transfer. The difference is, that in this case the money isn’t going to automatically appear in your recipient’s bank account. Instead, it’s going to be transferred to a Caribe Express or a Remesas Dominicanas cash pickup location.

What this means in turn, is that your family will then be able to go to one of many convenient collection points near them and pick up the money in cash with no need to involve their own bank. This money delivery method is great for recipients who do not have a bank account or simply live near a cash pickup location.

Caribe Express

Caribe Express is one of the two designated partners we work with in the Dominican Republic when it comes to cash pickup. Money will be moved with the highly regarded Caribe Express for rapid delivery and guaranteed care. Caribe Express has many different locations for your recipients to pick up the cash you have sent, located all throughout the Dominican Republic. The majority of Caribe Express branches are open from Monday through to Sunday with convenient hours.

Convenience and Security

We have also worked hard to make sure that this process is fast, convenient and secure. Transferring money this way will take no more than 48 hours, and as little as 2 minutes. You and your recipients will be able to track the money at all times back home by using their ‘MTN’ or ‘Money Transfer Number’.

Want to go one step further? Then look into our door-to-door delivery service that will literally deliver cash to your friends and family at their door!

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