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With Earth Day falling on April 22nd every year, many people take stock of the steps they are taking to protect the earth. But being kind to the planet can also be good for your wallet! This Earth Day, Sharemoney wants to share with you some tips that make ecological sense, and financial sense! Do you have any others? Share with us on social media using the hashtag #sharemoneyearthday

Return Your Recyclables, Receive Some Cash
We all know recycling metal, plastic, and glass is good for the environment. But did you know a number of states across the country also have “Bottle Bills” in effect? This means when you return beverage bottles and cans to a designated recycling center, you can earn a certain amount of money back on each. Usually, this is between 5 – 10 cents a bottle, but these little coins quickly add up! Check here to see if your state is one with a bottle deposit law on their books.

Turn Down Your Heat and Air Conditioning
The higher you keep your heat, and the cooler you keep your air conditioning, the more fossil fuels must be used to maintain those temperatures, equating to more strain on the power grid. If you can re-set your thermostat even a degree or two cooler in the winter, or a degree or two warmer in the summer, you can knock a lot of money off your power bills while also helping to protect the environment! In mild weather, why not try turning off the heat or air completely, opening your windows, and letting nature regulate the temperature of your home? You’ll save even more!

Shop Smartly For Clothing
We throw away around 17 million tons of clothing every year, a number that has doubled since the mid-1990s, due in large part to the advent of fast, cheap fashion and ever-changing styles. This makes up approximately 6% of the trash that ends up in landfills every year! When you shop for clothing, consider browsing at thrift and consignment stores. The quality of these kinds of shops has improved greatly over the years, and you can often find great styles and designer brands for a fraction of retail cost. If you own designer clothes you no longer want, you may want to try selling them back to a consignment shop yourself for some cash. Finally, wherever you shop, be sure you are buying quality items. They may be a bit more expensive at the outset, but well-made clothing can outlast fast fashion styles by many years, making the investment totally worth it.

Hold a Tag Sale
Not only is spring a time we tend to think about the environment, it also tends to be a time we think of spring cleaning! If you are going through your home, garage, and closets weeding out items you know longer want or need, consider holding a tag sale. The nice weather makes it an easy time to do so, and as the saying goes, “one person’s junk is another person’s treasure.” You can keep your unwanted items out of the landfill, get them to someone who will value them, and make some money all at once!

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