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Your chance to attend the Calabar Carnival in Nigeria has not come and gone for 2017. There is still time to start planning your trip for December (if you haven’t already) so that you don’t miss out on the activities. This year’s celebration will take place during the entire month of December. That’s some festival!

The Event Is Annual

This is one of the most popular cultural festivities around. With its many extra special celebrations, it is held every year. African heritage and culture are celebrated through talented individuals demonstrating cultural creativity, drama, dress, and music.

Biggest African Carnival

This is presumably Africa’s biggest carnival. The cultural heritage of the people is demonstrated in all of the costumes, activities, and culinary dishes. This one-of-a-kind carnival is also participated in by the traditional ruler, “Obong”, and their cabinet.

Attendants Come From Far And Wide

Numerous media industries will be in attendance to cover this celebration. From all over the world, over two million spectators are expected as well as worthy illustrious daughters and sons and traditional title holders of the region.

You Don’t Have To Ba A “Member”

If you are not a member of the Efik tribe or native to Calabar, the Calabar Cultural Carnival is still for you. You need but be a lover of cultural carnivals in order to appreciate these festivities. You can’t help but catch the sense of enthusiasm when attending this festival, which is organized by the Carnival Commission of Cross River State.

Event Specifics And Additional Information

The event officially kicks off on the 1st of December, 2017, at 12:12 AM, and wraps up on the last day of December at 12:12 AM. It takes place in Nigeria at the Cross River region. To email someone for information, you can do so at; or you can phone +234703-1362429. The organizer of the event is the Commission for the Cross River State Carnival. The address there is Okoi Arikpo House, Old Calabar Rd., Calabar.

This is a free event.

Recommended hotels that are situated close to the event are as follows:

  • The Mirage Hotel
  • Lush Suites
  • Tinapa Lakeside Hotel

Anyone looking for other festivities in or around the area can take in some of Nigeria’s other cultural carnivals and festivals. They are as follows:

  • On December 16th of this year, starting at 12 AM, and held in Owerri, Imo State, is the Imo Carnival. It also showcases the beautiful, rich heritage of the Nigerian people.
  • On December 15, beginning at 12:12 AM, in Enugu Nigeria, is the Umu Oganiru Cultural Carnival and Parade. Organized by Nigeria Brewery Plc, it is a parade and carnival that is held annually.
  • And you missed it this year, but on May 9, beginning at 12:05 AM, the Lagos, Nigeria Carnival and Cultural Fiesta was held in (not surprisingly) Lagos, Nigeria. The sights here are many and all are memorable and colorful, with a huge turnout annually.

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