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Chile has a wide range of dishes that are enjoyed by her people. If you visit the country, you are likely to run into a couple of dishes that will leave your taste buds tingling. The wide variety of cuisines caters to most tastes so you don’t have to worry about them being challenging to get accustomed with. Some of these include:


Ajiaco meat soup from Chile
Photo by Reindertot | CC BY 2.0

This is a meat soup that is also made in Bogota. The Chilean version of this meat soup is made with meat left over from large barbecues. The left overs are diced and combined with onions, green hot chili peppers, salt, pepper, parsley, cumin, oregano and potatoes to make a fine meat soup. It is said that this soup is an excellent hangover cure and re-energizes one.

Arrollado huaso

Arrollado huaso Chilean pork roll
Photo by Lufke | CC BY-SA 3.0

In Chile, pigs are fattened up in preparation of winter. It is tradition to make use of almost all parts of the animal’s body. Arrollado huaso is a pork roll whose ingredients include garlic, cumin, pork meat pulp, garlic, slices of bacon and pepper. This is rolled in pork skin. This is cooked in a broth to create a tantalizing dish. For a more authentic taste, consider buying the pork roll in smaller, quaint restaurants rather than major food outlets.

Caldillo de congrio

Caldillo de Congrio, Chilean soup
Photo by Carlos Varela | CC BY 2.0

This is a soup popular along the coast and central Chile. The recipe is variable, allowing one to put a personal touch to the soup. Though invigorating, the soup is not heavy and can be tolerated by many. It’s always served hot in a clay dish together with mussels. Combining it with a white wine is encouraged.


Photo by Christian Córdova | CC BY 2.0

This potato bread with flour is popular in most of Chile. The dish is comparable to Milcao, only that two eggs and flour are used to make it. The mixture is cut into squares and cooked by deep frying in pork lard.

Chancho en piedra

This is a dish that originated in central Chile, and is currently enjoyed by most Chileans. Chanco en piedra contains salt, garlic oil, tomatoes and onion. Bread, a biscuit or cheese is used to consume the sauce.


Photo by John Bracken | CC BY 2.0
Photo by John Bracken | CC BY 2.0

French fries, spicy sausage, two fried eggs and beefsteak are the main ingredients in this popular dish. Being rich in cholesterol, Chorillana is the ideal meal for people planning long calorie-consuming hikes.

Chunchules con harina tostada

You may frown at the prospect of eating pork or cow innards, but this meal will definitely change your outlook. Chunchules con harina tostada is made with innards stuffed with animal fat and meat paste. Served with steamed potatoes, this dish is rich in cholesterol and is commonly a winter dish.

Curanto en hoyo


This phrase basically translates to hot stone. A hole is made in the round and a fire lit to heat stones in the hole. Different types of meat, seafood and potatoes are placed on the hot rocks and coated with gunnera leaves.

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