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Mexico is a popular tourist attraction for vacationers across the globe, given its rich diversity, cultural traditions and unique experiences on offer.  Add to that list, a wide assortment of popular cuisines that make a number of tourists crave for more. If you are looking forward to treat your taste buds with some lingering Mexican stuff, here’s a short list of 5 savory dishes from Mexico that you must try at least once!


Pozole, which basically means ‘hominy’ is a traditional stew made of dried corn kernel. Meat is added to the soup and the mixture is cooked for hours, till the time there is some tenderness in the hominy and the meat adds flavor to the soup. Additional garnishing is done with avocados, garlic and peppers to make the stuff more hot and spicy. It certainly tastes the best when served hot, but make sure you don’t set your tongue on fire!


Mole is a type of unique sauce that adds a peculiar flavor to any of sort of Mexican dish, while you can also have it raw. This appetizing sauce is generally prepared with hot chili and chocolate constituting an ideal topping for enchiladas and meats.  There are a number of ways to prepare this sauce, but the most basic form involves seeds and nuts.


Some great stuff awaits you as you taste the traditional treats of starchy dough, masa, which is prepared by filling the corn with vegetables and meats.  Cornhusk wrapping is done before cooking the meal, and it’s removed while eating. Some whole jalapenos, and spices like garlic and cumin enhance the flavor of meat to produce a scrumptiously spicy dish, to say the least.  Such a culinary delight is normally served during the holidays, such as El Dia de los Muertos and Las Posadas.


Chilaquiles is a kind of casserole prepared with torilla chips. This unique Mexican recipe is a perfect fit for lunch or breakfast. Tortillas are fried until they have the brown shades with a crispy feel, followed by addition of salsa, sauce and meat.  To enhance the taste, the meal is garnished with fried beans, onions and cheese.

Tacos al Pastor

This dish is basically the Lebanon-based shawarma spit-grilled meat, except for the fact that it is prepared from pork rather than lamb. In a combination of pineapple, spices and chilies, the pork is marinated.  Once ready, the meat is sliced off the spit and served on small tortillas with coriander, lime juice and salsa. You can spot these at almost every corner of the streets in Mexico, and the best part about it is certainly the yummy pineapple juice, which creates tangy, sweet and spicy taste.

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