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What many seasoned travelers know is that the most popular attraction in Panama is the Panama Canal. Visitors may plan to visit the canal and only a few other nearby destinations before ending their trip. However, there are many other travel attractions that you should not miss. These include:

Playas las Lajas

Plauas Las Lajas - places to visit in Panama

This is a beautiful beach extending along the Chiriqui Gulf for more than 8 miles. This part of the pacific has slow water currents and perfect water temperatures. Swimming and bodysurfing are popular activities that you can take part in safely here and have tons of fun. For refreshments, you only need visit one of the cheap restaurants and shacks on the beach. Best of all? You won’t contend with hordes of tourists, making the experience more exclusive.

Pearl Islands

Pearl Islands - tourist destinations in Panama

The Pearl Islands gained international fame by being the filming location for the reality TV show Survivor. Lush, dense forests and white sandy beaches characterize these islands, making them visually stunning. Contadora is the most developed of the islands, and is probably where you might want to have your accommodation. It features an airstrip as well as a number of resorts and even private yacht hire services available. Most resorts are attractive and many are affordable. Visitors tend to use this island as a base from which they visit the rest of the islands.

Isla Taboga

Isla Taboga - places to visit in Panama
Photo by Mónica Mora | CC BY 2.0

12 miles away from Panama City is the Isla Taboga, the most popular spot for unwinding and generally having fun. Its sandy beaches are perfect for sunbathing. Visitors can ride jet skis, go fishing on chartered boats, ride speed boats and jet skiing. For a dose of history head over to the village which hosts the second oldest church in the western hemisphere. The village additionally has a selection of restaurants and provides an excellent panoramic view of Panama City. A visit to the village also offers you an opportunity to sample Panamanian culture and cuisine.

Sendero Los Quetzales

Sendero Los Quetzales - things to do in Panama
Photo by Randal Sheppard | CC BY-SA 2.0

Located close to Cerro Punto, this trail should definitely be in any nature lover’s itinerary. The 5-mile trail is arguably one of the most beautiful in the world and takes between 3 and 8 hours to complete depending on one’s speed. The trail goes through forests, crosses the Rio Caldera several times and ends up in the Boquette Mountain. Though it promises an epic experience and can be managed by most hikers, the trail is not well marked. You are advised to hire a guide to take you through the trail or sign up for an organized tour to mingle with other people.

Santa Catalina

surfing in Santa Catalina - things to do in Panama
Photo by Arlen Vergara | CC BY-SA 3.0

Panama has its very own world class surfing spot in Santa Catalina. This idyllic spot has beautiful beaches and is surrounded by lush forests. The relatively calm waves make it ideal for beginner and intermediate surfers. Surfing in Santa Catalina is fun and also provides epic views and excellent weather. You will be hard pressed to find this in most surfing spots in the world.

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