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Today, there are certainly a lot of ways which you can send money to your loved ones in Mexico when you are in the United States. With all the options available, you often need to question which platform is safe to use and how it will help facilitate such transactions. Of course, you will also want to know which money delivery method works best for your needs while fees are kept low.

At Sharemoney, we are happy to inform you that you get the convenience you want when it comes to making money transfers to your loved ones in Mexico. Not only have we partnered with the country’s major banks, we have also chosen popular cash pickup locations in department stores to make receiving money easier for your loved ones.

Our Cash Pickup Services in Mexico

Sharemoney offers cash pickup services to thousands of locations in Mexico. This means that your loved ones can choose to go to a location nearest them without having to worry about using a bank account. Your loved one simply needs to go to your chosen pickup location and claim the remittance using the Money Tracking Number (MTN) found on your transaction receipt. They also need to bring a valid photo ID and inform the agent that they are expecting money from Sharemoney.


Our Partners in Mexico

Your loved ones can choose any of the cash pickup locations that are situated within department stores such as Bodega Aurrera, Superama, Suburbia and Walmart. We have partnered with these popular department stores so that it is easy for them to receive the money at convenient locations. Get to know each of these stores better:

  • Bodega Aurrera. This is one of the many Mexican discount stores owned by Wal-Mart de Mexico. It was opened to the public in 1970 right in Mexico City. Originally founded as Aurrera in 1958 as a product brand, the store selling is now known as Bodega Aurrera.
  • Superama. This retail store in Mexico City was founded in 1965 and was part of Aurrera’s chain of stores. Later on, it was acquired by Wal-Mart de Mexico. The main business of this brand is to offer consumers with supermarket goods ranging from cleaning products, household items to perishable items and groceries.
  • Suburbia. This Wal-Mart de Mexico subsidiary was founded in 1970 and currently has more than 90 stores nationwide. It has a presence in most major cities in Mexico and this makes it easy for your recipient to pick up cash from any of its locations.
  • Walmart. This giant American brand has expanded its business to Mexico and currently operates over 2,200 stores in the country. Among its chain of stores are the Walmart Supercenter Stores and Sam’s Club Stores. Your loved ones will find it extremely easy to find a Walmart store and pick up their money remittance.

We encourage you to use the cash pickup money delivery method when making money transfers to your loved ones in Mexico. One of these stores will definitely be found near where they live!

Too see our other Cash Pickup locations in Mexico, please visit our “Cash Pickup” page.

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