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Karachi is the bustling metropolis of Pakistan and is located on the eastern coast of the Arabian Sea. In addition to its size, Karachi is also recognized as the original capital of the nation. Today, the sprawling metropolis serves as the political, transport, and commercial hub of Pakistan. Thanks to the growth rate of Karachi, it is being propelled forward onto the global stage, becoming a massively influential player. In 2014, the annual GDP of Karachi was estimated at over $110 billion.

Karachiites are no longer bound to working in Pakistan. Many of them have chosen to pursue careers abroad, e.g. in the United States. If you are one of them and need to send money remittances to your loved ones, Sharemoney can help. Our platform makes facilitating online money transfers to Karachi easy, safe, fast, and cheap. Below are some pointers to keep in mind when transferring money via Sharemoney:

How Sharemoney Can Help with Money Remittances to Karachi

Since our inception, Sharemoney has built an extensive network of banks in Karachi and throughout Pakistan. This means that our customers can send money to their loved ones in the city via a trusted platform with exceptional ease.

How to Initiate the Money Remittance Process

Before our customers can initiate a money remittance transaction, they need to register a free account with Sharemoney. Having an account is much more convenient than sending as a guest. You can utilize our Quick Send feature to transfer money online to repeated recipients. This can save you a significant amount of time, especially when you are busy with work and need to get things done (e.g. emergency transfers) within minutes. Don’t worry. The registration process is easy and quick; simply fill out the online form with accurate personal information and you will only need to go through this process once.

Choose Your Preferred Delivery Method

At Sharemoney, we offer flexible ways to “deliver” the money to your recipients. For example, your loved ones can collect the money in person via convenient cash pickup locations in Karachi. Our Allied Bank cash pickup locations include:

  • Khayaban-E-Bukhari, Dha, Karachi
  • Maripur Road, Karachi
  • The Ocean Mall, Karachi
  • Liaquat National Hospital, Karachi
  • Jauhar Chowrangi Karachi

Alternatively, you can deposit the money directly into the recipient’s bank account and it only takes 15 minutes to do this. Some of the top Pakistani banks we have partnered with in Karachi include:

  • Al Baraka Islamic Bank BSC
  • Bank Al Falah Limited
  • Crescent Commercial Bank Limited / Silk Bank Ltd
  • Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited
  • First Women Bank Limited

How Can You Fund Your Transactions?

Sharemoney users can fund their transactions via their debit cards, credit cards, and bank accounts. In addition to that, the fee that they need to pay starts from $3.99. The recommended method is debit card payment. The process is more straightforward, convenient, and significantly cheaper. That does not mean other methods should be ignored because it is all about one’s personal preferences. If you choose to fund the transfer via credit card, do note that your issuer/company will charge an extra fee that corresponds to the transfer value. Sharemoney also has to impose additional charges. If you prefer paying via your bank account, going through the usual verification process is a requirement.

Send money remittance online to Karachi today and enjoy excellent USD to PKR exchange rates on the market!

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