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At Sharemoney, transferring money from the United States to your loved ones in Ouagadougou is extremely convenient. All you need is a working computer and a reliable Internet connection and you are good to go. If you want to find out more about Sharemoney and how money transfers to Ouagadougou can be done, you have come to the right place.

About Ouagadougou

Also known as Ouaga, Ouagadougou is the capital of Burkina Faso. The city is also the cultural, communications, economic, and administrative center of the nation. Ouaga is home to a handful of attractions, including the National Museum of Music, Moro-Naba Palace, National Museum of Burkina Faso, and other craft markets. Ouaga’s economy is mainly based on commerce and industry. The city is recognized as an important industrial center of Burkina Faso and some of its industrial areas include Gounghin and Kossodo. Hotels, restaurants, bars, transportation, banking, and communications fall under the tertiary sector of the city’s economy and continue to play an important role today.

How to Use Sharemoney to Send Money to Ouagadougou

To get a proper head start, you can learn how to fully utilize Sharemoney’s services to send money to Ouaga by checking out our “How It Works” page. Take your time to look through our Frequently Asked Questions as the page provides answers to many common questions regarding transferring money via our portal.

The entire money transfer process can be done online so you do not have to deal with any manual paperwork at any time. In most cases, you will be able to transfer money online within minutes!

Why Use Sharemoney for Money Transfers to Ouagadougou?

For starters, you will find that Sharemoney is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to initiate online money transfers to your loved ones in Ouagadougou. You can rest assured that cheap rates are charged for your money transfer and they start from a low rate (somewhere between $2.99 to $4.99). Unlike other remittance websites that impose additional deduction fees after your recipient gets the money, you never have to worry about extra costs when using our service. What’s more, you will be able to enjoy our winning USD to XOF exchange rates.

Aside from how cheap our services are, you won’t believe how fast it takes to initiate and complete a transaction. To shorten the time needed for each transaction, it is highly recommended that you create a free account with us. The requirements of the online application are simple. All you need to do is to fill up a form that’s easy to comprehend. Once you are done and the verification process is over, you will be able to use the “QuickSend” button for future transactions, i.e., when sending money to the same recipient in Ouaga.

Does your recipient want to track the progress of the online money transfer? Easy. Just give them the Money Transfer Number (MTN) and inform them to use our global website. There is a section specially made for them to enter the MTN and monitor where the money is currently at.

Send Money Online to Ouagadougou Today!

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