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Are you working in America and need to send money to your loved ones in El Savador? Do you wish to remit money with no hidden transfer fees and enjoy favorable locked-in exchange rates? We have great news for you – Sharemoney is extending its money remittance services to El Savador! You can send money online to El Savador in a matter of minutes, and you are just a few clicks away from doing so.

About El Savador

El Salvador is a densely populated country situated in Central America. Its capital is San Salvador, which is also the largest city in the country. El Salvador has a population of more 6 million, and mainly consists of citizens from combined European and Amerindian descent.

Dating back to its settlement by the Native American Lenca people, this country grew and gained independence in 1821, eventually joining the Federal Republic of Central America with countries like Guatemala and Costa Rica. El Salvador is also a unique tourist destination that has a wide spectrum of subtle charms. The country’s warm and friendly people will easily take first-time visitors by surprise.

Traditionally, El Salvador’s economy is agriculturally-inclined, but nowadays the industrial and service sectors occupy a substantial percentage of the country’s workforce. Since the adoption of the U.S. dollar as its official currency, the country’s economy has since recovered from the Civil War time.

Salvadorans who work in the US also enable money remittance to become a major source of foreign income. In fact, it makes up over 17% of El Salvador’s Gross National Product.

Sending Money to El Savador

Sharemoney works with an extensive network of partner banks such as Citi Remesas, Fedecredito and Scotiabank for our bank deposit services. You can also opt for our cash pickup services. With thousands of cash pickup locations like Elektra, your family or friends will have an easy time receiving your money. We also provide a fast service so your recipients do not have to wait for days or weeks to get the money they need.

Our online money transfer service charges a very low transfer fee, which starts at only $2.99, and you can rest assured that sending your hard-earned money back home will never involve any hidden fees.

We are committed to keeping both your financial and personal information safe with world-class technology, as your data and our entire website is protected with 128-bit data security encryption. The pages you view, even without logging in, are always encrypted for maximum security. What’s more, we are accredited and certified by third party privacy organizations, and are regulated by both federal and state government agencies.

Sending money back to El Salvador is always a stress-free experience with Sharemoney. All you need is to set up an account, follow the simple on-screen instructions and click the right buttons! If you encounter any difficulties along the way; don’t worry, our customer care representatives are always available to assist you.

Choose Sharemoney today and you will quickly understand why we are the preferred choice for many Salvadorans working in the United States.

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