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Do you work and live in the United States and have loved ones back at home in Peru? Remittances make up an important component of an expat’s life so looking for convenient ways to send money back home is always a priority. Good news! Sharemoney, a service of Omnex Group, Inc., has expanded our remittance services to Peru, and sending money to your family in Peru can be completed within minutes. What’s more, you no longer need to find a brick-and-mortar shop to send your remittances. From your laptop at home to the mobile phone on the go, you can transfer money to Peru online via out platform today!

About Peru

Peru is an extremely biodiverse country located in western South America. It is a developing country that is involved in various economic activities, which include fishing, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, and more. Peru has a population of more than 31 million, and the country’s ethnic groups include Mestizos, Amerindians, Whites, and others.

The World Bank classifies Peru as an upper middle income region, and the country is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies with a GDP growth rate of more than six percent. Peru owes its sound economic performance to a combination of fiscal surpluses, external debt reduction, high international reserve accumulation, macroeconomic stability, and more. In addition, the country has been taking the necessary steps to reduce the poverty rate. Over the years, the poverty rate has decreased dramatically, from approximately 60% to less than 26%.

Today, large Peruvian populations can be found in the USA, in states such as Florida, California, and New Jersey. Although they enjoy living and working in the United States, and many of them still have family and loved ones back in Peru. In fact, Peruvians sent back more than 715 million in remittances, according to the Central Reserve Bank of Peru.

Sending Money to Peru via Sharemoney

When it comes to online remittances, Sharemoney makes it very easy for our customers. Our site is available in both English and Spanish, and our bi-lingual customer care professionals are always available to assist you in your preferred language.

At Sharemoney, our transfer fees are one of the lowest in the market, and starting from $3.99, you can send money back home to Peru. Your loved ones can receive the money within minutes via cash pickup or bank deposit. You can rest assured that our delivery methods are safe and secure.

Sharemoney works with an extensive network of banks and pickup locations in Peru. Our partner banks are the most trusted in the country, which includes Banco de Credito Del Peru and Jet Peru S.A. If this is your first time sending money online and back to Peru, you will love the fact that it is a quick process and a painless one as well. Here’s a quick walk-through on how to send money with Sharemoney:

  • Visit our Sharemoney website
  • Create an account to log in and use our remittance services
  • Enter the amount you want to send and proceed by clicking “Get Started”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions until completion
  • Your transfer is done!

Upon completing the transaction, you will instantly receive a receipt in your email. To keep track of your money’s whereabouts, our online Money Tracker tool will inform you and your recipient about the status of your money transfer in real time.

Send Money to Peru Now – Click here!

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