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It is a common practice for many Vietnamese people, who are working abroad, to transfer part of their paycheck to their loved ones in Vietnam. If you working overseas, particularly in the US, Sharemoney offers fast and cheap solutions that allow you to transfer funds to Hải Phòng with exceptional ease. Let’s find out more about how you can start sending money online to Hải Phòng:

About Hải Phòng

Hải Phòng is the third most populous metropolis in Vietnam. It is located near to the Thai Binh province, Quang Ninh province, and Hai Duong province. Apart from its tourist attractions and festivals, Hải Phòng is also recognized as the center of trade, economy, science, education, medicine, culture, and technology. The total revenues of the city 56 billion mark in 2015. Hải Phòng continues to strive to become one of Vietnam’s largest commercial centers.

Sharemoney: How to Send Money to Hải Phòng

Sending money online via Sharemoney is safe and secure. We have formed a solid partnership with an array of established banks in the country. Some of the banks you can choose to make direct bank deposits include:

  • DONGA Bank
  • Vietcom Bank
  • Vietin
  • Techcom Bank
  • ACB
  • Agribank
  • BIDV

Alternatively, you can take advantage of our door to door delivery service. This way, your recipients never have to leave their homes. The great thing about this is that this option is available for any home address in Vietnam. However, our home delivery services in Vietnam can only be used for USD money transfers only.

Why Use Sharemoney for Bank Transfers to Hải Phòng?

Sharemoney aims to be a reputable service provider when it comes to initiating money transfers to cities in Vietnam, Hải Phòng included. Here’s what you need to know when sending money from the United States:

Sharemoney elevates the concept of send and track to another level. You never have to call a hotline and go through a lengthy process just to monitor the status of your transfer. All you or your recipient have to do is to use our global website, and then enter the Money Transfer Number (MTN). It is that quick and simple.

What makes our service a convenient choice? For starters, you start by creating a free account online with us and from there, you just need to fill up a straightforward form with accurate information that is needed to facilitate your transaction. With this account, you will be able to transfer funds to the same recipient in Hải Phòng in the future by using our “QuickSend” feature.

Sharemoney strives to charge cheap rates when it comes to money transfers to Vietnam. When you need to send money to Hải Phòng, you only need to pay a low rate that starts from $2.99. You and your recipient can have peace of mind knowing that no additional fees will be charged when the money is finally collected.

Using Sharemoney to Make Bank Transfers to Hải Phòng

If you are new to Sharemoney’s services and would like to know more about process before initiating a transfer, feel free to check out our “How It Works” page. You will often find the answers you need in the Frequently Asked Questions section.


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