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Are you trying to avoid the usual hassles that come with sending remittances? Sharemoney is the answer. Our online remittance platform provides a fast, easy, and cheap way to send money to Santiago De Los Caballeros. You can even transfer money online from the comfort of your own accommodation.

About Santiago De Los Caballeros

Santiago de los Caballeros is Dominican Republic’s second largest city. It is also situated in the heart of the fertile Cibao Valley and on the Yaque del Norte River. Santiago is known as the capital of the Cibao region. The modern, cosmopolitan city is home to an array of historical landmarks, diverse food scene, beautiful parks, and lofty mountain ranges.

Santiago currently produces the second highest percentage of the nation’s GDP and has a dynamic industrial sector. Its economy has long depended on the production of processed foods, leather articles, soaps, pharmaceuticals, furniture, rum, and cigarettes. As Santiago is experiencing rapid growth and development, more Dominicans are choosing to work abroad, in countries such as the United States.

How to Send Money to Santiago De Los Caballeros

There are two delivery options to choose from: bank deposit and home delivery. You can send money to your loved ones if they own a Dominican Republic bank account with Banco Vimenca, Asociacion Popular, Asociacion La Vega, Asociacion La Nacional, Banco Del Progreso, etc. This method can be completed in approximately 15 minutes.

Alternatively, your recipient can opt for our door-to-door delivery method. This is beneficial for individuals who are suffering from mobility impairment. Sharemoney can send the money to any home address in the Dominican Republic, Santiago de los Caballeros included. Your loved ones never have to leave home to collect the money they need!

Why Send Money to Santiago De Los Caballeros via Sharemoney?

Sending money to Santiago De Los Caballeros from the United States has always been easy with Sharemoney’s services. Planning to initiate a money transfer soon? Here’s what you need to know when it comes to using our platform:

Let’s start with our cheap transfer rates. For only $3.99, you can start transferring money online to the city. Next, we do not charge extra or hidden fees when your recipient is ready to collect the money. As we also let you send USD to Santiago De Los Caballeros, your transferred sum is not affected by exchange rates.

To start using our platform, you first need to register a free online account with us. Don’t worry. The registration process is simple and can be completed within a few minutes. As long as you provide us with accurate information, the registration process can proceed smoothly. One of the benefits of having an account with us is gaining access to our “QuickSend” function. This allows you to facilitate repeated transfers to the same recipient faster.

Lastly, the transfer process can be tracked via our global website. All you need is a unique Money Transfer Number (MTN) to facilitate this task. Your recipient can visit here and enter the MTN in the box that’s located on the same page.

How To Start Using Sharemoney

Are you ready to make your first money transfer to Santiago De Los Caballeros? If you require more guidance, you can refer to our “How It Works” page.

Send Money to Santiago De Los Caballeros

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