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Today Sharemoney celebrates National Women’s Day in Vietnam!

In Vietnam, October 20 is a special day for women – National Women’s Day! This date commemorates the establishment of Vietnam’s Women Union in 1930. The focus of the holiday is to celebrate all women for their accomplishments, success, hard work, and femininity. And there’s a lot to celebrate! Women in Vietnam account for over 27% of the National Assembly, which is the highest ratio in all of Asia, and one of the highest in the world. In business, women are thriving as well: female leaders make up 40% in the small business sector. Every year more women are becoming recognized for their outstanding achievements in scientific research and application.

Much like on the International Women’s Day celebrated on March 8th, today women of Vietnam typically receive cards, flowers, wishes and gifts from their husbands, co-workers, and friends. It is not uncommon for women to be treated to a special dinner date on this day. Businesses in Vietnam are embracing the holiday by doing promotions for women, such as granting their female customers a gift, or running special discounts.

Sharemoney wishes all women to continue prospering and succeeding. May today (and every day) be filled with joy and smiles! Chúc mừng Ngày Phư nữ!

Today, send your appreciation to the women you care about with Sharemoney – a great way to send money to Vietnam online.

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