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Paraguay is one of those countries that have a hidden beauty yet to be fully explored by travelers around the world. With many natural attractions and a nation of welcoming people, the landlocked country is home to the famous Igauzu Falls – a great sight to behold! The country also has a good number of cities hosted by people with a fascinating culture. If you are looking for a place to learn the culture of the South Americans, then Paraguay is a good starting point. Here are some key travel destinations you can visit in Paraguay:


The colonial architecture of the capital of Paraguay is one of the biggest highlights of the city, besides being a fortress of the Paraguayan culture. The capital is not big on skyscrapers and beaches, but has an impressive atmosphere that captivates its visitors in a beautiful way. Very large museums are also a highlight in the capital, stocked with an unusual array of exhibits. The National Congress as well is a sight to behold for those who fancy architectural monuments. In Asuncion, you can also catch a game between the local favorite football clubs, after which you can walk into the city’s large open air market. Here, you can shop for anything, from ceramics, to electronics, to fruits and all sorts of fresh produce.


La Santisima Trinidad hosts the religious relic of Jesuit Missions, as part of the world-famous heritage sites. These ruins may not have been extensive as you may have imagined, but they sure hold a beauty that is unmatched in the whole region. Dating back to the 17th century, these are monuments that still hold religious affection for many of the South American Christians.

Encarnacion is also known as the “Pearl of the South”, as it’s also home to the breathtaking waterfront, seen mostly in the summer season, stretching from December to February. The largest annual party takes place in February and attracts thousands of tourists all over the world. Themes of the carnival celebration revolve around the celebrations of the Mayan Gods, African folklore, and a remembrance of the slavery and the freedom achieved by the Paraguayans.

Iguazu Falls

To visit this epic natural scenery gem, you have to go through Cuidad del Este, one of the largest cities in Paraguay. Though this is a destination that is shared among Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, visitors have to pass through Paraguay and so technically speaking, the best destinations to catch the majestic waterfalls are largely Paraguay-based. After you have visited the waterfalls, you can take some time and enjoy the local delicacies and check out plenty of the local merchandise to bring back home. In addition, it is a great place for riding, hiking and taking relaxing walks.

Gran Chaco

For those eco-travel enthusiasts, the unspoilt beauty of Gran Chaco offers one of the best untamed wildernesses you can find in the south. Though the region is sparsely populated, the forests teemed with unique wildlife are a must-visit for all nature-loving visitors. Do take up a tour package if you do not want to fall prey to the pumas, jaguars and the ocelots (just kidding!) but what a sight it can be to see wildlife in their natural habitats!

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