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No matter how you look at it, going to college is a pricey endeavor. But there are ways to cut costs here and there to make the entire experience a little bit less painful where your bank account is concerned. Let’s take a look at a few money saving tips for college students.

Make The Most Of Any And All Discounts

One of the things about being a college student is that you’ll probably need a college ID. That’s a good thing. That college ID is going to be your ticket to free and discounted stuff everywhere. From food to laptops to museum admissions, either a .edu email address or a college ID is all you’ll need start to saving money.

In fact, go ahead and do an Internet search on retailers that give price breaks to students. There you have it. You already have a list of where to shop with the helpful assistance of discounts through your college ID. That doesn’t mean that you should buy extra things because they’re cheaper, however. Remember, we’re saving money here.

Book Fees That Don’t Break The Bank

Many textbooks are insanely expensive and at the beginning of the semester, can pack a real punch when it comes to depleting your bank account. In order to keep your total book allowance a little bit lower, check out the college bookstore or online sources for used textbooks. While you’re in the bookstore, do not fall prey to the pens, highlighters, notebooks, and T-shirts available there. Buy your supplies at big box retailers, Walmart, Target, Dollar Stores and the like. Use cash back websites whenever possible. And check the library on campus just in case the textbook you need is available there.

Use The Power Of Social Media

If you’ll be looking for furnishings for your dorm room or apartment, don’t buy new if you don’t have to. Put the word out on Facebook and other sites that you need low-cost, used appliances, furniture, etc. Futons, desks, laptops, and more are usually available and a nearly infinite supply. Some people even give that stuff away, as long as you haul it.

Share And Share Alike – At Least When It Comes To Cost

If you’re getting an apartment, share the rent with at least one other person. If you are rooming in a dorm with someone else, share the cost of furnishing that dorm with the person you’ll be rooming with. Space is, in most dorm rooms, a premium so don’t crowd what space you have by doubling up on belongings that you can share. You only need one microwave, one coffee pot, one small refrigerator, etc. When the end of the year comes along, you can decide what belongs to who or make a deal with the next people in case they would like to buy it and save money as you did.

Even with all that money saving going on, you may still find yourself in need of just a little bit of financial assistance from home every now and again. The good news there is that sending money is quick, secure, and easy with Sharemoney. You can, in most cases, have the money you need deposited directly into a bank account or, at the very least, pick it up at one of the cash pick-up locations available.

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