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India is considered as the second most populous country in the world with more than 1.2 billion people forming part of its population. With this number, many will doubt how a once small country will be able to feed its people. But the truth is, India was able to pull through and is now ranked the 7th largest economy in terms of nominal GDP and the 2nd in terms of purchasing power parity. This makes it one of the fastest growing economies all over the world.

However, it is faced with some socio-economic challenges with some portions of the population experiencing poverty. Nonetheless, this did not stop its citizens from finding doors to better their lives. Some have migrated in the US to help not just their families but India in general. If you were one of those who decided to work in the US, you can use our services to send money remittance to India via UCO Bank.

About UCO Bank

UCO Bank is a commercial bank founded in 1943. From then, the bank grew its business with more than 3000 service units in the whole of India. It also expanded its horizons by operating international financial centers – one in Singapore and the other in Hong Kong. This expansion goes to show that it has a commitment to serve its clients and prospects on a wider scale.

Bank Swift Code: UCBAINBB

Sharemoney and Our Money Remittance Services in India

Sharemoney prides itself as a reliable money transfer service to different countries all over the world, India included. Depending on the country we are servicing, we have various delivery methods offered for our customers’ convenience. When sending money to India, you can choose from cash pickup or bank deposits. With a minimum fee of only $3.99, your loved ones will receive the amount you have sent them in a competitive exchange rate from US Dollar to Indian Rupee.

How We Help Facilitate Your Money Remittance to India’s UCO Bank

While we do bulk of the job for you to assure that your money remittance will reach your loved ones right when they need the cash, we also want to let you know that there are a few things that you should do to help us deliver our services. Among them are the following:

  • Register an account with us. You should register an account with us by simply filling up our online application form. You will be redirected to this page once you click on the ‘Sign-Up’ button. Once here, you will see a page that will require you to provide pertinent details that will help facilitate the transfer. We will verify your account and once verified, you can start using our services.
  • Fund your transaction using three options. First among these options is through your bank account. We will also have to verify details connected to your bank account to protect your transaction with us. This may take time if it is your first time, at most 3 days. Another option is through your credit card which will entail additional fee on your part. This fee will go to your credit card issuer and not us. If you want to save, it will be good to use the third option which is your debit card.

Start using Sharemoney’s services today. Aside from UCO Bank, there are other Indian banks we have chosen to include in our list of bank deposit partners. You can check our list of partner banks in India, and make a money remittance today!

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