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Working in the US and being far from your loved ones takes a lot of sacrifice. Part of the sacrifice is also the dedication to make sure that your family members back home will also enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you want to send money to your loved ones in the Philippines, the question is: How will they be able to do that easily?

A worthy option to consider is Sharemoney. Our website will enable you to send money to your loved ones abroad from the US by using your phones, tablets and computers. Using your own bank account, debit card or even credit card in some instances, you will be able to benefit from our services at a minimal fee.


Why Choose Sharemoney?

Well, the answer to this is fairly simple. We are different from our competition in the business and with our key features; you will enjoy the following benefits of choosing to send money from the US to your loved ones in the Philippines through Sharemoney.

  • Winning Exchange Rate

Whether your loved one is from the northernmost part of the Philippines, in Batanes or in the southernmost part in Jolo, you can be sure that they will receive your hard-earned money at a competitive exchange rate. Based on USD to PHP (Philippine Peso) exchange rates, our rates are better than other money transfer services online.

  • Send Money for Less

Apart from competitive exchange rates, we also pride ourselves of offering cheap fees in the world of money transfers. Our rates start at only $3.99 and we offer different payment options to accommodate your needs.

  • Send Money in 2 Minutes

We have endeavored to offer you fast and easy options when sending money to the Philippines. Once you have clicked on our ‘Send Now’ button, you will be asked to fill out the form which typically takes just 2 minutes due to its simplicity. The money will be available to your recipient anywhere between 30 minutes and 24 hours later. The time will depend on your chosen delivery option. For your next transaction, you can choose to use the ‘Quick Send’ button. With this option, you no longer need to fill in any information aside from the amount you wish to send this time.

  • Allow Your Recipient to Use the MTN

MTN, in our lingo, is the Money Transfer Number which you can use to track your money. Your recipient can key in the same number using our global website and check the money’s whereabouts.

  • A Host of Delivery Options

Apart from home delivery options to the Philippines, you can also send money to your loved ones either through bank deposit or via our cash pickup locations (throught BDO and M Lhuillier) in the country. Check our website’s ‘How it Works’ page for FAQs regarding sending money to the Philippines.

Send to Your Doorstep in the Philippines

We have an extensive network in the Philippines and that is why we are able to send your money remittance right to the doorsteps of your recipient’s home in the Philippines. When you choose this delivery method, we can send to any location in the Philippines, be it a big city or a small town. This can be so convenient to reach your loved ones who might not have a bank account or perhaps find it inconvenient to get the cash from a cash pickup location.

Try our home delivery option for your money remittance to the Philippines today!

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