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There is something called an “underground labor market”. But unless you are a migrant worker, you may not even know it exists. It provides many employment opportunities for United States-bound immigrant workers. Underground aside, however, abundant opportunities exist for today’s migrant worker.

Typical stops for migrant workers looking for employment are construction sites, fast food or full-service restaurants, housekeeping services, and farms. Those are, by far, not the only opportunities, but they are easy to find and plentiful.

Good news for physically capable individuals looking for work is that American farmers have been experiencing a worker shortage and many are more willing than ever to hire migrant workers during the growing/harvesting seasons. The food supply for America would look sad indeed if it were not for our migrant farm workers.

Jobs Most Commonly Held By Migrant Workers

Though numbers vary, and percentages of each of these jobs that are held by migrant workers range between 49% and 27%, the following are the most common positions held by migrant workers:

Janitor, concierge, bellhop, porter, construction laborer, grounds maintenance worker, butcher and meat processor, chauffeur (drivers), housekeepers (maids), cooks, and healthcare aides. There are even some states which list teachers as positions most commonly held by migrant workers.

Top US Agricultural States

Agriculture means farming, and farming means jobs. Since farming is suffering a worker shortage, migrant workers stand an excellent chance of getting a job on a farm. If you have the physical stamina and strength to work in agriculture, these jobs will be plentiful, though seasonal. On the other hand, a seasonal job allows you time to visit back home, and then return for the next season. Here are the top 10 agricultural states in America that could well be looking for migrant farm workers on a regular basis:

Indiana, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Kansas, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas, Iowa, and California.

As you can see, these opportunities spread clear across the entire expanse of the United States. From the West Coast (California) to the Eastern parts of the United States (North Carolina), and from the northernmost points (Minnesota and Wisconsin), all the way down south (Texas). And contrary to what you may have heard, American farms shows no signs of disappearing or depleting.

Not Surprisingly, Texas Offers Loads of Opportunities

They say everything is bigger in Texas – and that includes a migrant worker’s chances of getting a job. Just last year, there was reportedly a building boom in Texas which meant job after job for construction workers. Being well-versed in masonry is a plus – these workers can extend their employment opportunities to building backyard grilling stations, interior chimneys, luxury pools, etc. It is not uncommon for migrant workers to be saddled with a lot of the heavy lifting so being physically fit is not as much of a plus as it is a necessity. It may not be fair, but it is a reality.

Migrant workers with emotional endurance, physical strength, and a stellar work ethic are practically guaranteed a job no matter what state they try to find employment in. Some of these jobs pay cash, some actual paychecks. Many jobs are below minimum wage but certainly not all of them. The thing is, these jobs exist everywhere. They are plentiful.

So for those willing to work hard, there will always be somewhere to find a job. And while you’re employed in the United States, sending money back home is no problem. Use Sharemoney, and you’ll see just how worry-free sending money back to your family can be.

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