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If you wish to transfer money online safely and securely from the U.S. to your family in Mexico, Sharemoney offers 5-star remittance features which have been celebrated by many Mexican immigrants and expats living in the US. Customers have the option of transferring funds directly to our affiliate banks in Mexico when they choose the bank deposit solution. One of the banks where you can transfer your funds through Sharemoney is Santander Serfin.

About Santander Serfin

Santander Serfin is a full service bank in Mexico which provides a variety of different financial products and services, for both individuals and institutions. The services provided by this bank can be broken down into two broad categories: personal finance assistance and commercial banking. Other components of their services include both private and investment banking for corporations. Today, Santander Serfin has emerged as one of the top banks in Mexico due to its commitment to great customer service.

Bank Swift Code: BCBBBRPRCGB

How to Transfer Funds via Santander Serfin with Sharemoney

Sharemoney makes it easier for you to transfer money from the U.S. to Mexico. Money can be deposited directly into the bank account of the recipient, or a bank account you have with Santander Serfin within minutes. Before you can transfer funds, you will first need to open an account with Sharemoney. Establishing this account is free of charge and will only take a few moments. Your account will then be verified and you will be ready to start sending your money transfers to Mexico!

Once you have been verified, you can then access your account by logging in and choosing the destination where you want the funds to be sent. You must press the “Send Now” button and then enter your payment details along with the information of the recipient.


Sharemoney Accepts Multiple Payment Options

When sending an online payment, you have multiple options to choose from. The first of these options is using your U.S. bank account funds. You will need to enter this account number along with the routing number, and then the funds can be sent. The waiting time for receiving funds which are sent with this option will vary depending on the bank of the recipient, but can take up to three business days if you are a new user.

Customers also have the option of sending payment with their credit or debit card. This option allows the recipient to receive their funds faster, and once the funds transfer has been initiated, the funds will be sent within an hour. Sending payments by debit card in particular is advantageous because there will be no cost deduction as compared to a credit card payment. Payment transfers that are made by credit card may be subject to additional charges by your card issuer, since it is similar to a cash advance.

Sharemoney offers some of the cheapest transfer fees you can find on the market today because we understand the needs of our valued customers. Our introductory fee for sending money to Mexico stands from only $3.99 – a rate which is much lower than the fees you will pay with other payment transfer services. Try our services today to experience the ease, convenience and cost savings you can gain!

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