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Bolivians are fun people and this spirit is reflected in the number and variety of festivals that exist in Bolivia. These festivals range from traditional to western style jamborees but they all have one thing in common; that sense of fun and color that is so uniquely Bolivian. So, numerous are Bolivian festivals that you are guaranteed that there will be a festival going on any time you visit Bolivia. If you are going to Bolivia, here are some great festivals for you to check out.

Alasitas Festival

The Alasitas Festival is a celebration of Ekeko, the god of abundance among the Aymara. This festival runs for a whole month in January and it involves people bringing gifts to present to Ekeko.

Virgen De La Candelaria Festival

This festival takes place on the shores of Lake Titicaca and is meant to honor the Patroness of Bolivia (our lady of Copacabana). The festival runs from the second of February to the fifth of February.

Oruro Carnaval

This festival takes place in the rural village of Oruro and it is a day of spectacular traditional dances, costumes and crafts.

Pujllat Festival Of Tarabuco

Around mid-March, the town of Chuquisaca comes alive with the sound of the Pujllat Festival which combines music and colorful costumes. The festival is great event for those who wish to get a taste of Yampara Culture.

Semana Santa

The Semana Santa refers to the week leading up to Easter Sunday in March or April. The festival is characterized by religious processions, food and music. Bolivia shares this particular festival with many countries in Latin America.

Fiesta Del Gran Poder

The term Fiesta Del Gran Poder translates to ‘festival of great power’ and is a celebration of Jesus Christ. It takes place in the city of La Paz and is characterized by beautiful music and colorful processions marching down the street. This celebration takes place in June.

Aymara New Year

This is another June celebration that marks the start of the Aymaran year. It is regarded as one of the biggest festivals in Bolivia. So big is this festival that the day is marked as a public holiday by the Bolivian government.

Urkupina Festival 

This is a celebration that is dedicated to the Pachamama and the Virgin Mary. In doing so, this makes the festival a unique blend of Christian and indigenous traditions. This fascinating celebration takes place in August.

Virgen De Guadalupe Festival

This is yet another vibrant celebration of another patron saint; the virgin of Guadalupe and takes place in the city of Sucre in September.

Todos Santos

This unique November celebration is marked by Bolivian families coming together to welcome the dead who are said to return on that day.


Navidad is Christmas day but with a Bolivian flavor. It features food, drinks, music and is incredibly fun and vibrant.

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