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Do you have loved ones living in a Uruguayan city? If you are looking for a secure, cheap, and fast way to transfer money from the United States to your family members or friends in Montevideo, look no further than Sharemoney. We continually strive to provide all the conveniences you need when it comes to remittances. In many cases, you can send money to your loved ones in a matter of minutes. Read on to find out more about Sharemoney and our money transfer expertise in Montevideo.

About Montevideo

Montevideo is Uruguay’s capital city. It is perched on a peninsula that juts out into the River Plate. The city has been captivating visitors from all around the world with its unique blend of New and Old World Charm for centuries. Atmospheric plazas of the city’s Ciudad Vieja, historic buildings, and narrow cobblestoned streets cluster along the banks of the extensive estuary. It is all about exploration. The city is home to La Rambla—an alluring seafront promenade—and a modern city center that features wide, tree-lined avenues as well as soaring skyscrapers and art deco buildings that are located close to each other.

This city is the economic center of Uruguay. The city is home to most of the country’s well-to-do businesses. The Telecommunications Tower and the World Trade Center Montevideo are two of the country’s most important buildings. Other prominent state-owned companies include BSE, UTE, OSE, ANCAP, AFE, and more.

More Money Transfer S.A. – The Preferred Cash Pickup Provider in Montevideo

More Money Transfers S.A. was founded in 2003 and is recognized as a trusted cash pickup location in Central America. Like in Bolivia and Argentina, More Money Transfers has a large presence in Uruguay. Today, the highly respected money remittance company operates more than 200 branches that are spread across the country. Popular Montevideo cash pickup locations include Cambio 18 – Canelones (10554), Cambio Monex – Maldonado (10398), Cambio Aspen – Montevideo (10457), ABN Amro, Cambio Obelisco II – Montevideo (10477), Cambio Vertice – Montevideo, Investa Casa Cambiaria – Montevideo, and many more.

Is Sharemoney A Good Choice for Money Transfers to Montevideo?

We continuously strive to be one.

When you need to send money to this city, you can count on Sharemoney to offer reliable money transfers and cash pickup solutions at competitive rates. Our rates for money transfers start at $4.99 and you can send USD directly to the city. What’s more, your recipient does not have to worry about paying additional fees when he or she collects the money in person.

Speed is a factor that can make or break the experience we are trying to create for our valued customers. We have created a system whereby you can initiate a transaction and complete it in a matter of minutes. The combination of fast page loading speeds and easy registration processes have helped us achieve that. As a member of our leading platform, you can take advantage of our “QuickSend” button. You will be able to facilitate repeated transactions to the same recipient with exceptional ease.

Next, your recipient can easily track the money you sent with a Money Transfer Number (MTN). We assign unique MTNs to your transactions so that you can track their progress through our global website.

Transfer Money Online to Montevideo Today!

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