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While everyone will be thinking about Brazil when it comes to festivals and carnivals, most people do not know that Nigeria has its own fair shares of colorful festivals that attract hordes of visitors to the country. Nigeria is a relatively religious country and so some of its festivals are based on Christian or Islamic traditions. However, there are also other cultural festivals that are widely celebrated here so let’s take a look at some of these fun festivals:

Calabar Carnival

The entire month of December sets the stage for the Calabar Carnival which features a different event every day of the month. You can see the streets of Nigeria transforming into a huge party scene where the locals and the visitors will be dancing, singing, and merrymaking together. There are also many fancy costumes that you will see during the street parades. One fact that you might be surprised by is that this festival was only inaugurated in 2006, just ten years ago.

Argungu Festival

Truly unique on its own, any traveler will be thrilled to partake in the activities for the Argungu Festival. This 4-day event features a series of fishing related competitions and celebrations that are aimed to honor the fishing prowess of the Sokoto and Kebbi people. Besides trying to see who catches the biggest fish during the festival, other activities include wild duck hunting and canoe racing. It is really a fun festival that promises once-in-a-lifetime experience so you are highly recommended to come during February and March where this festival is held.

Eyo Festival

This is a Yoruba festival that features masquerades (they are known as “Eyo” and thus the name of the festival) dressed in white during large processions that are held only in the city of Lagos. Because it’s a region-specific festival, this 24-day event attracts many foreign visitors to this city to catch the one-of-a-kind parades that pay homage to the Oba of Lagos.

Osun Festival

During July and August, hundreds of thousands of locals and tourists will flock to the Scared Osun to honor the River Goddess in a festival that is deeply rooted in historic Oshogbo traditions. You can feel the spiritually charged atmosphere during this occasion where certain rituals will be performed, such as the Iwopopo and Olojumerindinlogun.

Durbar Festival

This festival marks the end of the Ramadan, which is the holy month for the Islamic faith all over the world. In Nigeria, those who practice Islam (especially those living in North Nigeria) will come together for this ceremonial parade that features a celebratory time for those who are involved.

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