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Upon what, exactly, was this country built? Answer: wave after wave of hard-working, hungry immigrants. Immigrants in the United States were bound and determined to come to the “land of plenty” to make, for themselves and their families, a better life.

This required near superhuman levels of desire and ambition. Possibly relatedly, immigrants to the US, in any number of financial matters, perform extremely well.

What can we learn from the business and financial savvy of today’s immigrants? What do they have that natural residents of the US are possibly lacking? What do these immigrants do that we, apparently, frequently do not?

The Pooling Of Resources

Because credit is not something available to many immigrants, they tend to pool their resources. They may own one or more small businesses in an area at which sister, brother, uncle, father, mother, and maybe even grandfather all work. Their ambition has become a reality because their drive was amplified by the power of many.

Build It With Your Own Two Hands

This can apply to building your own business and building your own home. You have no better resource than yourself – that is who you know you can always rely on. Becoming more self-reliant can be as simple as repairing your own car, growing your own vegetables, or developing a second source of income.

No Such Thing As Debt

Yes, it is actually possible to live without car notes, mortgages, and credit cards. Because they do not have access to credit, today’s immigrants do without it. And yet they still manage!

Might Need More Than Just Your Day Job

It’s nice to only work one job, 9-to-5. But one job doesn’t always cut it. In order to make ends meet, you might need something more like selling crafts, babysitting, some kind of freelancing. Two jobs are not unheard of for today’s immigrants to the United States.

Recognize The Value Of A Buck

Chances are, in the countries from which immigrants came, the standards of living are simpler. Food seldom gets left on the table, technology frequently moves at a snail’s pace, and you won’t find any two-car garages with BMWs in them. In America, our immigrants shop at ethnic grocery stores that offer lower prices, share vehicles, and place as many family members under one roof as possible. Almost every dollar they make they spend on something they need. If they’re not sharing a car they are using public transportation. They pack their lunches and bring them to work. If they have lunch at all.

Educational Choices That Make Sense

Low cost junior colleges, just as an example, offer air conditioning repair. Immigrants learn from these colleges, get a job repairing air conditioners, and frequently end up owning their own business at which they employ other workers in need of a job.

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