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Sharemoney, a service of Omnex Group, Inc.,  has promised its clients a better alternative to send money from the US to various countries abroad, Vietnam included. Whether you are sending money now or plan to do so in the future, you can always consider using our online services without much of a hassle. If you are sending money to a loved one with an Agribank account, here is what you should know.

About Agribank

Agribank is considered ‘Vietnam’s Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development’. Despite focusing on those particular areas of financing the needs of consumers, it has diversified and included a whole lot of other services just so it may serve the demands of other individuals who are not really into agricultural and rural development. As proof to that, Agribank now has services that will be appropriate for those who want to open individual accounts. Card services, deposit and withdrawal at different places as well as demand savings are among its existing products. As of the present, it has over 2,300 branches nationwide.

Bank Swift Code: AGRKMTM1

Using Sharemoney to Send Money to Your Loved Ones in Vietnam

Sharemoney has recognized the need to help you when it comes to sending money from the US to your loved ones in Vietnam. With your needs in mind, we have partnered with several banks in Vietnam aside from the fact that we have also considered using a variety of cash pick-up locations in the country. For your loved ones who do not have a bank account and cannot visit any of our cash pick-up locations, the home delivery method is a great option.


Sending Money to an Agribank Account

If you are sending money to an Agribank account, you can do so by simply complying with certain requirements that will help facilitate all your Agribank money transfers and all other types of online money transfers you will be doing with us in the future. Start by creating an account with Sharemoney by clicking on the ‘Get Started’ button. Once you have clicked that button, you will be asked to fill-up a form with pertinent account information needed to process your transaction. Your phone number and email address will be verified and from there, you can start enjoying our services. Your loved ones can even enjoy the money in a matter of 2 minutes!

Using Various Funding Options

One of the things you need when using Sharemoney’s money transfer features is to have an account which you can use to fund the transaction. You have three options in here. One of the most popular ones is through the use of your bank account. Verification will be needed for first-timers but once your account has been verified, the money will be sent to your loved ones as soon as possible.

Another option is through the use of your credit card. Transferring through this option is faster than when you choose to use your own bank account. The only problem is we do not recommend this option since we do not want you to incur additional charges apart from the $2.99 fee that we will charge you for your transaction. Here comes the third option, that is, through your debit card. This option will be the fastest and cheapest option available.

Try our money transfer services now! Advise your loved ones about Sharemoney and through our global website, they can check the money you have sent. Simply give them the MTN or Money Transfer Number corresponding to your transaction.

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