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Sending money to your loved ones in the Philippines from the US today is a really easy process because you can simply send money with a few clicks of your mouse with Sharemoney. Our online money transfer platform has features that make sending money a hassle-free experience for you. In fact, you can choose to send by using various delivery methods, one of which is through bank deposit. We have partnered with an array of recognized banks in the Philippines and included on our list is Bank of the Philippine Islands, more popularly known as BPI.

About BPI

Recognized as the oldest bank in the Philippines and known as the largest when it comes to market capitalization, BPI was established back in 1851. Back then it was called El Banco Español Filipino de Isabel II in honor of King Ferdinand VII’s daughter, Isabel. If there is one notable contribution of BPI to the country’s development, that will be the fact that it has helped with the post-construction rehabilitation after World War II. Since then, it has continued to serve the needs of the Filipino people with integrity. Now, it has 831 branches nationwide with many other subsidiaries and affiliates under its brand.

Bank Swift Code: BOPIPHMM


Sharemoney and Its Money Transfer Services to the Philippines

Sharemoney has vouched to make your lives easier when it comes to transferring money from the US to your loved ones in the Philippines. In fact, when you use our services, you will be able to choose from three delivery methods – bank deposit, cash pickup and door-to-door delivery. When you choose to send money to a recipient’s bank account in the Philippines, he will be able to get it fast, even in a matter of minutes.

Creating an Account at Sharemoney

One of the most important things that you need to do if you want to send money to your loved ones in the Philippines through their BPI bank account is to create an account at Sharemoney. Doing so is fairly easy. All you need to do is fill up our form online. From there, we will verify your account using either the phone number or email address you have indicated in the form. Once your account with us is verified, you can start using our money transfer features. To send money to the Philippines, just choose it as your destination country then click the ‘Send Now’ button thereafter.

Enjoy Sharemoney’s Payment Options

Besides offering various delivery methods, we also offer several payment options to choose from. It is either you make the transfer through your own bank account or use a debit card or do the transfer through your credit card. All three are accepted but we discourage you from using your credit card since you can incur additional charges for your transaction aside from the standard fee of $2.99 which we will charge for your money transfer. If you want a cheap and fast payment option, using your debit card is highly recommended.

Try Sharemoney’s online money transfer service to send funds to a BPI account today!

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