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If you are looking for a simple, fast, and cheap way to send money to your loved ones in the Philippines from the United States, you need not look far. Sharemoney is one of the most trusted ways for Filipinos to send money back to the Philippines. Browsing through our website, you can click on the bank deposit method through Sharemoney, one of our trusted partners is Philippine National Bank or commonly known as PNB.

About PNB

The Philippine National Bank is one of the oldest banks in the country. Established in 1916, it will be celebrating 100 years of banking in 2016. It was government-owned back when it was founded but now it is fully privatized since Lucio Tan, a private stockholder, bought the majority of the stocks of the bank. In 2013, it merged with another bank named Allied Banking Corporation, making PNB the 4th largest private domestic bank in the country. PNB now has over 600 branches in the country and worldwide.

Bank swift code: PNBMPHMM

Bank routing number: 010080010

Initiating a money transfer from Sharemoney to your PNB account in the Philippines is simply easy. You start by choosing your funding options – either through your bank account, your credit card or debit card. For the delivery of your funds, you can choose from cash pickup and home delivery too aside from making a bank deposit.


How to Send Money to a PNB Account through Sharemoney

You can do this instantly by simply creating an account with Sharemoney if it is your first time. For those of you who already have an existing account with us, you can use that same account to facilitate your money transfer to a PNB account. Enter the amount you want to send then fill in the form according to information required by our system. You can choose to send money in USD then opt to have your recipient receive its Philippine Peso equivalent or you can elect for your recipient to receive USD.

Choosing the Perfect Payment Option to Fund Your Transaction

As mentioned, there are three ways with which you can fund your money transfer  to your recipient in the Philippines – your bank account, credit card or debit card. Any of these funding options will incur a transfer fee starting from $2.99. Here are things to take note of when choosing a payment option:

  • If you choose your bank account as the funding option, your recipient needs to wait around 3 days in order to receive the money you have sent because security verification of your bank account needs to be done.
  • If you are choosing to send through your credit card, the waiting time can be shorter (within minutes) but this can mean paying a “cash advance” fee on top of what has been charged for your transaction. We will not charge you that fee. It is your credit card issuer who might include that additional charge on your next billing period.
  • If you opt to use your debit card then you can be sure that your recipient will receive the transfer quickly. There is no added cost in using your debit card so this is the best method for funding your transactions. Debit cards are usually the #1 choice for our customers because it’s the cheapest and quickest way to pay for your transfer.

Receiving the Money

Do inform your recipient that you are sending money to him through PNB. It will be good to give them the Money Transfer Number or MTN corresponding to the transaction. Do you know that you can choose PNB as a cash pickup location too? Find out more!

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