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The Dominican Republic is located on the sunny island of Hispaniola. The beautiful Caribbean country is a gorgeous getaway for travelers from around the globe. You can soak up the sun in Punta Cana or wander the streets of Santo Domingo. There is so much to see and enjoy. The country is home to a population of more than 10 million individuals. When it comes to DR’s economy, the nation has long been viewed mainly as an exporter of tobacco, coffee, and sugar. In recent years, the country’s service sector has taken the lead. Agriculture is no longer the economy’s largest employer. Today, Dominican Republic has a labor force of approximately 4,930,000.

However, international remittances have also been a major contributor to Dominican Republic’s economy. An increasing number of Dominicans (or Quisqueyans) choose to live and work abroad, particularly in countries like the United States. At Sharemoney, we simplify the process of international remittances to Dominican banks such as Asociacion La Vega. Our services are fast, easy, convenient, and cheap.

About Asociacion La Vega

Asociación La Vega is a commercial bank that was founded in 1963. Also known as La Asociación La Vega Real de Ahorros y Préstamos, the bank is headquartered in Dominican Republic. The bank was the brainchild of a group of visionary and prominent individuals who believed that the city of La Vega deserved better banking services. Today, the bank has evolved and grown significantly, meeting most of the banking needs of the country. It has branches located in Santo Domingo, La Vega, and more. The bank specializes in an array of banking services pertaining to credit cards, business credit, mortgage, savings, etc.

Bank Swift Code: ALVRDOS1XXX

Sharemoney is a Trusted Platform for Money Remittances to Dominican Republic

Sharemoney works with extensive network of reputable banks in the Dominican Republic, Asociacion La Vega included. A wide range of satisfied customers have used our services to transfer money online to their loved ones in the country with ease. When you choose bank deposit as your preferred delivery method, you can enjoy complete peace of mind that there is no shortage of banks to choose from.

Making Your First Money Remittance Transaction

Before you can start sending money, you will need to complete a simple registration process. Don’t worry. The account is free and registering for one will not take up a lot of time. Ensure that you key in the needed information correctly. This way, we will encounter no problems when verifying your details. Once your information has been verified, future transactions will be a breeze.

What are the Available Funding Options?

When it comes to sending remittances, you can pay through your own bank account or credit card. To avoid additional fees, Sharemoney recommends that you use your debit card. It is cheaper (transfer fees are as low as $3.99!) and more straightforward. You should keep in mind that credit card companies often charge extra for cash advances (pertaining to international remittances).

Send money remittance online to Asociacion La Vega in Dominican Republic today and enjoy stellar USD to Dominican peso exchange rates on the market!

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